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What Would Dick Tuck Make of the NSS? Dr Simon Jones FRGS University of Wales 3 November 2010.

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1 What Would Dick Tuck Make of the NSS? Dr Simon Jones FRGS University of Wales 3 November 2010

2 The National Student Survey Part of the HE landscape: League Tables – Sunday Times – The Times – Independent (Complete University Guide) – Guardian UCAS Web Pages News media University Advertising – Internal management steer

3 Damned Lies and Statistics Joint Academic Coding of Subjects is the subject classification system used Describes subject and content of courses UNISTATS – GEES subjects – Human and Social Geography – Geographical Sciences – Physical Geography and Environmental Science – Geology – Physical Science

4 JACS Codes CodeSubject CodeSubject AMedicine and DentistryLSocial studies BSubjects allied to MedicineP Mass Communications and Documentation CBiological SciencesQ Linguistics, Classics and related subjects D Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjectsR European Languages, Literature and related subjects FPhysical SciencesT Eastern, Asiatic, African, American and Australasian Languages, Literature and related subjects G Mathematical and Computer SciencesVHistorical and Philosophical studies HEngineeringWCreative Arts and Design JTechnologiesXEducation KArchitecture, Building and Planning

5 JACS Codes – F Physical Sciences CodeSubjectCodeSubjectCodeSubjectCodeSubject F140 Environmental ChemistryF611Industrial GeologyF661 Exploration GeophysicsF840Physical Geography F141Marine ChemistryF612Engineering GeologyF670GeochemistryF841Maritime Geography F330 Environmental PhysicsF620Mining GeologyF700Ocean SciencesF850 Environmental Sciences F331Atmospheric PhysicsF621Exploration GeologyF710Marine SciencesF851 Applied Environmental Sciences F332Marine PhysicsF630GeotechnologyF720HydrographyF852Hydrology F500AstronomyF631Marine GeotechnologyF810 Environmental GeographyF853Pollution Control F510AstrophysicsF640Earth ScienceF811BiogeographyF860Climatology F520 Space and Planetary SciencesF641PalaeontologyF820GeomorphologyF861Meteorology F521Space ScienceF642GeoscienceF830TopographyF870Soil Science F522Planetary ScienceF643Quaternary studiesF831CartographyF981 Geographical Information Systems F600GeologyF650Geological OceanographyF832Remote Sensing F610Applied GeologyF660GeophysicsF800 Physical and Terrestrial Geographical and Environmental Sciences

6 JACS Codes – L Social Studies CodeSubjectCodeSubject L700Human and Social GeographyL720Human and Social Geography by topic L710Human and Social Geography by areaL721Economic Geography L711Human and Social Geography of EuropeL722Urban Geography L712Human and Social Geography of AsiaL723Political Geography L713Human and Social Geography of AfricaL724Transport Geography L714Human and Social Geography of AustralasiaL725Historical Geography L715 Human and Social Geography of the AmericasL726Cultural Geography L716 Human and Social Geography of Arctic/AntarcticL727Agricultural Geography

7 NSS Influence 2009-2010: The Student Experience has always been important to us, but specifically the NSS and league tables are priorities for the University 2008-2009: CELT has now undertaken a process of benchmarking against the sector average and has produced a traffic light system which has indicated that Physical Geography and Environmental Science has fallen into the red area for some sections of the NSS

8 Geographys Response 2009-2010 INTERNAL Preparation – Student Rep meetings Timing – 3 rd Year field course to the Netherlands Facilitating – Tutorial time scheduled in PC Lab Reporting – Thresholds (23 individuals, 50% cohort) EXTERNAL Challenging internal statistics Challenging external statistics Challenging JACS code cohorts Challenging the NSS 2010 results!

9 Challenging Internal Statistics JACS subject titles, and the numbers involved are not within our control Every year students details, complete with course and credit-related information is provided to HESA A target list is checked against current student records (and the Faculty checks data) A contact list is uploaded to the client extranet web site of Ipsos Mori How a student gets assigned to the JACS label Physical Geography and environmental science is resultant upon the course, or part course, on which the Faculty enrols them. There is no decision taken by colleagues here at the University which affects this. The JACS code is within the students records. Therefore we dont get an opportunity to move students about within these JACS subjects, or correct the data. The only way it would change would be if the students changed programmes or substantially changed the modules they were studying.

10 NSS Questionnaire The teaching on my course Staff are good at explaining things (96%; 0%) Staff have made the subject interesting (96%; 8%) Staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching (96%; 8%) The course is intellectually stimulating (92%; 8%) Assessment and feedback The criteria used in marking have been clear in advance (83%; 19%) Assessment arrangements and marking have been fair (79%; 0%) Feedback on my work has been prompt (66%; 38%) I have received detailed comments on my work (77%; 37%) Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand (66%; 49%)

11 NSS Questionnaire Academic support I have received sufficient advice and support with my studies (96%; 12%) I have been able to contact staff when I needed to (89%; -11%) Good advice was available when I needed to make study choices (89%; 5%) Organisation and management The timetable works efficiently as far as my activities are concerned (77%; -3%) Any changes in the course or teaching have been communicated effectively (83%; 12%) The course is well organised and is running smoothly (97%; 0%) Learning resources The library resources and services are good enough for my needs (83%; -5%) I have been able to access general IT resources when I needed to (79%; -9%) I have been able to access specialised equipment, facilities or room when I needed to (79%; -7%)

12 NSS Questionnaire Personal development The course has helped me present myself with confidence (96%; 16%) My communication skills have improved (100%; 16%) As a result of the course, I feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problems (96%; 20%) Overall satisfaction Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course (92%; 6%)

13 NSS Results – League Tables NSS satisfaction rating 94% Guardian 1st in Wales (24th nationally) Sunday Times 2nd in Wales (37th nationally) Independent 4th in Wales (71st nationally) Is satisfaction a measure of academic quality?

14 So Who Was Dick Tuck?! Dick Tuck (Democrat), who upon losing the 1966 California State Senate election to Richard Nixon, issued a statement that said: The people have spoken... the bastards

15 Reference Websites d/committees/jacs.pdf

16 What Would Dick Truck Make of the NSS? Dr Simon Jones FRGS University of Wales 3 November 2010

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