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RGS-IBG Geography Ambassador Scheme Kate Amis RGS- IBG Gemma Hay, RHUL Harry Jackson, Reading Jerrikson Villacarlos, QMUL.

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1 RGS-IBG Geography Ambassador Scheme Kate Amis RGS- IBG Gemma Hay, RHUL Harry Jackson, Reading Jerrikson Villacarlos, QMUL

2 What is it? Department for Education and Skills (DfES) funded project to enable geography ambassadors to visit schools in their area Ambassadors are: Undergraduates Postgraduates Graduates

3 Why? Numbers of pupils choosing geography at GCSE have fallen steadily for the past 10 years Young people often fail to understand the relevance of studying geography to their future career and life skills

4 Four partners… The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Schools Higher Education Institutions Businesses

5 Why Volunteer? Make a positive impact on the lives of others Give something back to the local community Influence your personal career choice and professional development Enhance your employability and skills base

6 What will Ambassadors do? Most will start with a presentation on: o Why study geography o Why I love geography o My gap year o My research o Studying geography at university

7 What else might Ambassadors do? Geography Clubs After School Clubs Revision sessions Supporting teachers in geography lessons Supporting an event, competition or fieldwork activity

8 When? The time commitment is very flexible: Three hour training session Only one school visit required (although you can do more if you want) Times and dates of visits flexible to fit your schedule – in school hours Bookings will be available from November to July within school terms especially at key points in the year e.g. GCSE options time

9 Training The three hour interactive training offers: Presentation techniques and ideas Information about working with children and classroom situations A chance to meet current Ambassadors CRB checks

10 Feedback from ambassadors and schools School: Southfields Community College, Wandsworth, London Date: from 27 th April (assisting with coursework for 5 weeks) Ambassador said: A good experience. I learnt to explain and express ideas and concepts in an easier more understandable way. I enjoyed the revision games we played in class, as well as the one-to-one mentoring. School said: He was great – I was really impressed with him, his attitude and the way he interacted with the students. The visit raised awareness and knowledge of career opportunities for geography graduates. I would be more than happy for him to come back next academic year.

11 Feedback from ambassadors and schools School: Treviglas Community College, Cornwall Date: 23 rd May Ambassador said: A fantastic experience and very confidence boosting. I enjoyed talking to students on a one-to-one basis and hearing their perceptions of geography. I was surprised how much geography I knew! School said: The visit was well prepared and went very well. The pupils has the chance to work with young undergraduates who are clearly very interested in their subject.

12 Feedback from ambassadors and schools School: Connaught School, London, 26 th January, Ambassador said: The pupils were very responsive and engaged and asked a lot of questions. School said: He pitched his talk at just the right level. He was a natural speaker and brilliant ambassador. His enthusiasm for geography was tenable. His presentation was excellent and he managed to keep a class gob-smacked on a Friday afternoon! I witnessed lights go on in students faces and I was impressed by his dynamic delivery. We would love to have him back to speak to out year 10s to encourage them to choose geography at A-Level.

13 Universities -What is in it for you ? Enhanced experience and evidence for student personal develoment profiles: Termly report with feedback quotes and details of school visits made by each student. Standard or bespoke training programme. Undergraduate as co ordinator? masterclasses, revision programme, summer schools, Increased links with schools for departmental schools liaison and WP work. Improved recruitment Increased involvement in partnerships involving other universities, Aimhigher, EBPs, professional organisations etc through events and activities. Alumni value: Encourage long term network of energetic graduates to maintain link with your department through the scheme.

14 Training London 2 nd August 2007 6-9pm 2 nd October 2007 6 – 9pm 1 st November 2007 6-9pm 20 th November 2007 6-9pm Liverpool 10 th October 2007 6-9pm 16 th October 2007 2-5pm Reading 25 th October 2007 6-9pm Leeds 22nd October 2007 3-6pm Training will also take place in: Plymouth, Oxford, Sussex, Durham, Sheffield and elsewhere to suit

15 Contact us Email Phone 0207 591 3050 Web

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