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Employer Engagement A Practical Perspective. What is Employer Engagement? The cynical might say it is governments attempt to make employers pay more?

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1 Employer Engagement A Practical Perspective

2 What is Employer Engagement? The cynical might say it is governments attempt to make employers pay more?

3 HEFCEs strategy: whats in it for employers? We will be supporting a range of projects at national, sectoral, regional and local levels. These will explore and address the barriers faced by universities and colleges in being responsive to employers needs. These include ensuring that: 1.quality assurance systems which apply to HE provision are fit for purpose 2.employer-responsive provision is funded appropriately 3.HE links effectively to policy for 14-19 year-old learners and further education 4.vocational and work-based learning is valued and supported by providers 5.academic staff have opportunities to update and refresh their knowledge of industry and the world of work 6.there are clearer routes to enter HE for learners from non-traditional backgrounds 7.credits and qualifications systems enable learners to learn and accumulate qualifications in a flexible way that fits with their work and broader life commitments. Employers can also expect to see better services tailored to their needs As an Employer I find it difficult to get beyond the Education Jargon!

4 Employer Engagement – A Practical Perspective Engagement An appointment or arrangement A pledge; an obligation or agreement Mechanics. the act or state of interlocking It involves two parties working together to mutual benefit It isnt just about FHE ……work placements etc …. It is also about employers and their needs

5 Employers Ioan Morgan CBE: Principal Warwickshire College; Commissioner for Employment & Skills; Ministerial Advisor, Leitch writer ………….Employer Sir Alan Sugar: Entrepreneur, self made millionaire ….. Outspoken …… Down to earth …….Apprentice maker ….. Employer! How would they describe Employer Engagement?

6 Sir Alan would be quite blunt He would take us back to basics Hed probably tell you that business has been doing this for years Hed probably use words like Customer, Sales, Marketing ……… In the practical world Employer Engagement is all about Customers, Sales and Marketing! Acquiring Customers (Employers) Retaining Customers (Employers)

7 The Employer Engagement Apprentice

8 How do you acquire customers? Firstly, dont forget your existing customers Secondly, remember that people do business with people they like and respect Thirdly, you use all the techniques that the Apprentices use … and more

9 You need to define your market place, the typical customer, etc You need to think marketing … the 4 Ps Product ……. FT / PT courses, short courses, other services Price …… £ & Time etc Place …… In the workplace maybe Promotion ….. You need to promote them These are very basic marketing techniques but we ignore them at our peril

10 Rachel Elnaugh Formed Red Letter Days when in her twenties Dragons Den Panellist Rachels typical Red Latter Days customer was a woman, 35 – 55 years old who read Vogue ……….. Who is your typical Employer/Customer?

11 The Cost of Marketing? Do you have an unlimited budget? Why not try low cost and free marketing Most Marketing Is Expensive & Doesnt Work !

12 E-Marketing Do you have a business or marketing plan? Do you have an E-marketing plan?

13 What is Emarketing? Lets start by defining marketing Marketing is the process of profitably satisfying customer need So e-marketing is ……..?

14 Having a website? Yes it might be ….. But E-marketing can involve more than just a website Such as ……………..?

15 E-marketing channels include…. Websites – not only your website but other peoples as well…… directories, wikis, Adsense, Blogs etc SEO – search engine optimisation Pay Per Click (PPC) – Google Adwords Analytics Autoresponders – these work 24/365 and can automate many processes e.g.. Newsletters, e-zines etc. Google Maps - free listings where people search Google Alerts – who is talking about you, your business and your competitors? Blogs – business and social blogs can build your reputation and drive traffic to your website Audio and video Press/Media Release & Article distribution sites Online Testing & Measuring (T&M) …………………………………………….And lets not forget Email Web 2.0 is about people connecting, collaborating and sharing information online - for personal or business use Social media such as Friends Reunited, Facebook, Ecademy, LinkedIn & YouTube

16 E-marketing is not a substitute for traditional marketing E-marketing is most effective when integrated with traditional marketing

17 How do people find information, ask questions and conduct research? They GOOGLE

18 Websites Why do businesses & universities have websites? To provide …… credibility, information, sell, research, etc. ……….. To build relationships

19 Who visits your website? Why do they visit? How do they find you? …… Typed URL, referred by another site, Googled a search term. What search terms did they use? Which pages are most popular? Where do visitors live? Town, country etc What are your visitors names? Are they businesses? What is their email address


21 X X X GEES found my business when Googling for Employer Enagement

22 X Autorepsonder

23 Google Maps Location Map Website Description Reviews Photos FREE

24 Google Alerts CIM Training Provider Oxford College of Marketing is Expanding... ITNews - Roma,Italy A free lecture on E-marketing will be given by Stefan Drew who will also be present after the lecture to answer any questions. Rosie Phipps, the Principal,... See all stories on this topic

25 PR / News Websites PR Newswire SB Wire PRLeap PressFlash PRWeb TheOpenPress PR Newswire PRWeb Direct + The Ripple Effect


27 The BBC recently contacted me to comment on the recent Honda advert – they found my name on Expertsources Beware the negative side of E-marketing!

28 Pershore College Formed in the early 1950s as Englands premier college of horticulture International reputation Chelsea Gold Medal Winner Merged with Warwickshire College in 2007 Employer Engagement remit …. Stefan Drew Associates

29 Pershore Horticulture Employment & Skills Group supporting the horticulture industry throughout the UK Target Audience – UK Horticultural Employers Reps from RHS; National Trust; English Heritage; Webbs of Wychbold (Garden Centre of the Year); HRI Wellesbourne, the University of Warwick; Midland Regional Growers; Midland Parks Forum; Bransford Webbs etc. Independent Chair

30 Give to Get The employers are inundated with new legislation and have problems sourcing all the information. Pershore provides a website, e-newsletter etc. to help them keep up to date. This means they see the Pershore brand on a regular basis but are not sold to Courses are being tailored under the MRG brand …. Predominately staffed by Pershore. A relationship has been built


32 Questions

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