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The Spanish Armada.

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1 The Spanish Armada

2 The Key Players… King Philip II of Spain
Wanted England to be a Catholic country. Angry at execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. Decided to invade England. Ordered a huge fleet of ships (ARMADA) to be built.

3 The Key Players… Elizabeth I
Determined that England would remain a Protestant country. Ordered English ships to attack Spanish ships and take their cargo.

4 The Key Players… Sir Francis Drake Very successful sailor.
Made the first English voyage around the world. Plundered the Spanish ships. Knighted on return.

5 Countdown To Invasion…
Many attacks on the Spanish at sea by the English. Queen Elizabeth sends reinforcements to help the Dutch fight the Spanish. Mary, Queen of Scots is executed – she is next in line to the throne and a Catholic. The Pope agrees that Spain can attack England to restore the Catholic Church.

6 Countdown To Invasion…
21st July 1588 The Spanish Armada sets sail for England…

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