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1 Reports

2 A report describes what things are like (or what things were like).
They are not in time order (non-chronological).

3 Types of report writing
Letters Catalogue Topic based school project Information leaflet Tourist guide book Magazine article Encyclopedia entry Non-fiction book

4 Report organisation Simple report
You can add more detail if necessary later on. Introduction should include who, what, when and where. Paragraph or Section 1 Paragraph or Section2 Add more paragraphs or sections if you need to.

5 Each ‘spider leg’ will give you one paragraph or sub-heading
Topic Information organised into categories Each ‘spider leg’ will give you one paragraph or sub-heading

6 Comparative report Simple comparison
When you have made your grid write a paragraph about each point of comparison categories 1 2 3

7 Language features in reports
Present tense (except historical reports) ‘General’ nouns Written in the third person Factual description Technical words and phrases Often uses formal, impersonal language

8 What is the purpose of a report?
To organise and write the facts so that they are easy to find and understand.

9 Planning a report Make a note of what you know – find out more detail if you need to. Organise the information into categories. Make a spider diagram.

10 Points to remember Read it back to make sure it makes sense
Improve wherever possible Check your work with a friend

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