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Goals Rob Procter Dave Berry Anne Trefethen Paul Watson.

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1 Goals Rob Procter Dave Berry Anne Trefethen Paul Watson

2 Improve secondary use of data Preserve data Advertise data – metadata – open innovation models (data as IP) Barriers – Why should people share data? Reward & credit – Cleaning & adding Metadata (Discoverability) – Trust (see later goal) – Sustainability What to keep? Who pays (business model)? Who looks after it? Who curates it and the metadata (reward system)? Maintaining ways to access extract value from it ?

3 Access to new data collections Sharing as the Norm Transactional data – Purchasing Government data Clinical Data Real-Time data (sensors) Barriers – Socio-technical issues – Anonymity, security – Loss of business/researcher competitiveness? – Track provenance of data

4 Better Support for Collaborative problem solving Socio-technical issue Technological – Communications – Ease of use Configuring collaborations: networks, security, software.... Barriers: – Policy & organisation works against collaboration RAE/REF – Rewards for multi-disciplinary researchers – Security – policy, governance, trust

5 Reproducibility in Science Data Code Process People Barriers Long-term code & data preservation (business models) Manual processes Database updates Security & policy Tacit knowledge & Paper lab books

6 Trust & Understanding How do we know tools have been used properly? How much confidence should we have in the results? e.g. X-rays 3d-2d understanding (artefacts, properties of film) Errors? Ability to inspect process Capturing trust in data – Tacit knowledge Can people build up trust through collaborative tools – virtual encounters -> trust in collaborators

7 Position UK as competitively as possible in Global knowledge value chain UK-International value chain export knowledge & techniques source knowledge & techniques Virtualisation of knowledge work Barriers – Lack of international standardisation – Business models – how to value services we provide or buy (e.g. data)

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