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Century-of-Information Strategy Workshop NeSC Edinburgh 14 th March 2008.

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1 Century-of-Information Strategy Workshop NeSC Edinburgh 14 th March 2008

2 Comments D.E. only part of story Various comments - DTCs common.. Main concern - is what is our position on translation? Varies through document Also, need to recognise D.E.s place correctly.. Also helpful, as many of us are considering how we relate to D.E. Discussed with Dave Watson

3 Digital Economy Comments Research will be done within the programme, cf TSB Will do some targetted fundamental work Avoid prototypes which never lead to delivery Prototypes must be led by teams which range of skills required to ensure that prototypes have fighting chance of changing business plans Must have potential to make change to business Avoid massive conversations Little bit of this and bit of that Avoid cumbersome programme e-Science - committed funds in area not required; too many people involved Not prepared to re-badge other activities Focused delivery to benefit commerce Recognise related skills not within D.E. Funded elsewhere..

4 Goals of Digital Economy Different focus for university activity Underlying theme, core of it all is: ART OF CONVEYING WHAT IS POSSIBLE Developing, promoting, explaining transformational potential Thinking.. NOT.. building, delivering, services NB - at variance with the way we speak of translation - I think In commerce, people not qualified, not responsible for managing response to ICT Not have time, not have expertise Role of the D.E. programme is to address this

5 Cf CIR Some overlap But e.g. curating data and management across the data life cycle not relevant Distinction is that D.E. only interested where: Has direct impact on business models and business design

6 How will D.E. Programme be implemented? DTCs Provide people with skills needed to be able to show art of possible Mix needed: CS, social-science and business skills Do not want engineer/maths or CS/scientist or social scientist or… These would lead to engineered solution with formal understanding, but of no relevance to future business plans University research Then into: healthcare, transport, creative industries Produce cohort of people with skills required to achieve aims Thinking way need to think We need to think how the students keep focus (Dave Watson agrees wholeheartedly)

7 Implications for CIR We need to consider what we mean by translation In which ways are our aims broader/different? We are taking on a much larger scope activity, which will be needed by the D.E. in the fullness of time We will only be able to benefit from the £100m if bullet-proofed together Need to consider how to represent this in the document…

8 Who to get on board? Malcolm Read/Ron Cooke John Wood Ian Diamond; RCs separately? Graham Spittle

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