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Welcome to CS 221! First Course in Computer Science for Engineers.

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1 Welcome to CS 221! First Course in Computer Science for Engineers

2 Class URL ~keen/ 221/221.html Write this down!!

3 Personnel Dr. Debby Keen, Lecturer and Coordinator Teaching Assistants  Pictures  get to know your TA!  You can talk to ANY TA about general problems!

4 Thank you very much!!

5 Textbook and Supplies Student responsible for material in chapters that are listed in schedule and covered in lectures Lecture tests are closed note, closed book Lab test is open note, open book 3x5 cards - get some!

6 For Attendance – on the 3x5 card Write your NAME Write the DATE Write your SECTION  if you don't know your section, hold up your hand and we will look it up and tell you AND...

7 GOALS - write them down What are your expectations for this class? What do you want to learn? Make a LIST of your 3 most important expectations SHARE with a neighbor and ADD to your list

8 Goals Activity - continued COMPARE your list with the one from the syllabus COMMENT on your card as desired TURN in your card at the end of class by laying it on your SECTION NUMBER at the front of the room

9 Goals of the course The goals or desired outcomes of this class are that the student should  Acquire a basic understanding of computer architecture and data representation.  Learn basic algorithmic problem-solving techniques.  Be able to design, document, implement and test solutions to typical engineering-related, first-semester programming problems.

10 Your Grade is Based on: Quizzes & Lecture Attendance 10% Lab Assignments 10% Programming Assignments 25% Two Exams during the semester 30% One Lab Test 5% Final Exam (Comprehensive) 20%

11 Attendance Required at All Lectures  taken at random by 3x5 cards, cooperative activities, quizzes Required at All Lab sessions  counts for a good portion of lab points One Lab Test  done during regular lab sessions only "UK excuses" accepted  death in family, illness, school trips, religious holidays

12 Class Locations Lectures  Classroom Building 102 Lab sections  Ralph G. Anderson building, RGAN Room 103 is the lab classroom Office Hours  Electrical Engineering Annex Multilab 203  Robotics (Center for Manufacturing Systems) 229

13 Due Dates/Times Labs - Demo Dates, Paperwork Dates Labs are NOT accepted late! Programs - Electronic AND Paper Programs have a Late penalty of 10% for every school day late, up to 5 school days

14 Plagiarism / Cheating "Unfair academic advantage" UK Policy followed NO assistance from someone else on Lab or Lecture tests Talk in GENERAL TERMS about program assignments, not specifics Do NOT "work together" on a program

15 Cheating cont'd Do NOT show your source code to any other student Protect your source code! If you talk to anyone outside the class, do not let anyone "inject code" into your program! YOU are the one who is writing it! Penalties START with a zero on the assignment and a LETTER in your permanent file!

16 Cooperative Work On the other hand!  “Talk to your neighbor” in lectures  Lab assignments – you will have a lab partner and turn in work with them

17 Accommodation Please tell Dr. Keen about it if you have a letter - as soon as possible! Letters are not retroactive! Can arrange both lecture and lab tests to be accommodated

18 Software we will use Visual Studio Pro 2005  MSDNAA  Engineering students get for free download

19 For next week Read first set of notes Work on Lab 1  Demo due this Thursday, paperwork due by next Thursday  Make sure your University account is activated

20 Today's Exit Know your SECTION Have your NAME, SECTION, DATE, GOALS on the 3x5 card Bring your card to the front and drop it on the sheet with your section number on it Don't forget it or you will lose attendance credit!

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