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02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 UK Grid Support Centre Alistair Mills CLRC e-Science Centre

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1 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 UK Grid Support Centre Alistair Mills CLRC e-Science Centre

2 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Who we are... Part of the e-Science Core Programme Team of 6 FTE posts based at CLRC (RAL+DL), and Universities of Edinburgh and Manchester (but actually provided by a pool of some 25-30 people at these sites) Exists to help users install and apply Grid software quickly, easily and productively Supports deployment of a Grid infrastructure for UK e-Science projects (with Regional Centres + collaborators) – Level 2 operational Easter 2003

3 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Provides support... Helpdesk – first point of contact for requests and queries – personally contactable during office hours – provides access to technical expertise at all sites Web information resource – tutorials – evaluation reports – links to other resources Grid Starter Kit – downloadable software – installation support – documentation

4 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Hits now up to 15,000

5 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1... and services Certificate Authority for the UK e-Science programme – issues X.509 digital certificates usable with Globus GSI – uses network of Registration Authorities to validate users – moving from current manual process to more automated procedure – see National monitoring and discovery service – based on Globus MDS 2.2 – holds published information on Grid-enabled resources Training for system administrators – to help with setting up local installations Reference software installations on supported platforms – Linux, AIX, Solaris, IRIX, Tru64 Grid infrastructure deployment Liaison with software development teams

6 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 How the Certificate Authority works RAs appointed at each university involved in e-Science programme RA consists of an RA manager and one or more RA operators New CA will be accessible by users using a web interface – based on development of the OpenCA code – currently under test by external users User identifies their local RA using the CA interface and generates a certificate request User goes to their local RA with photo-ID RA verifies the user is who they claim to be and understands how to use and safeguard their certificate RA approves users certificate request to the CA CA signs the users certificate and returns it to the user

7 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 How the Information Service works A portal has been created for the deployment of the e-Science Grid. It uses the MDS system via services on ginfo to create HTML-based and on- line Web services for resource discovery and monitoring. Resource-oriented view of compute and data resources Virtual Organisation view using UDDI with links to contacts, resources and trading models Site-oriented view via an active map

8 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Software supported Currently – Globus Toolkit 2 (production release v2.2.3) – Condor – SRB (CLRC is developing a stand-alone installation) – Sun GridEngine (expertise at Edinburgh) – Network monitoring tools (at Daresbury, in collaboration with GNT) Soon – Web services + UDDI registry (based on work at Daresbury) – Globus Toolkit 3 + OGSA + Grid services – Data Access and Integration Grid services (OGSA-DAI, support from Edinburgh) In future – UNICORE (support from Manchester if required) –... anything else required?

9 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Co-ordination between GSC and GNT A single helpdesk for all Grid-related problems including networking issues – you dont have to know the source of the problem before you report it Network expertise to identify and diagnose network- related problems – NB - identified local network problems must still be reported and dealt with through established channels Effort to develop and deploy network monitoring facilities

10 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Input sought from Projects and Centres Local first line technical support person – provide on the spot assistance for local users – filter out issues which can be resolved locally Continuing dialogue with the GSC and GNT as development plans and support requirements evolve Identify future directions and requirements – what middleware should we support? What applications?

11 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Meetings so far... Cambridge Centre20 December 2001 London Centre15 January 2002 AstroGrid project30 January 2002 Southampton Centre1 February 2002 Geodise project Oxford Centre (GSC only)8 February 2002 Newcastle Centre25 February 2002 RealityGrid project5 March 2002 Comb-e-Chem project19 March 2002 Belfast Centre11 April 2002 Cardiff Centre16 April 2002 Manchester Centre20 June 2002 MyGrid project

12 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 Grid Infrastructure The UK Grid Engineering Task Force has been asked to manage the rollout of e-Science middleware to create a Grid infrastructure for research projects over the coming years. This Grid is comprised of: Resources at the Regional e-Science Centres; Resources at collaborating sites ; UK e-Science and other Applications Middleware and tools developed in UK e-Science projects; Globus, Web services and OGSA-complient open-source components. Rollout phases: Level 1 (autumn 2002) – UK MDS working Level2 (Easter 2003) – pre-installed applicatations and users Globus GT2 Level3 – accounting, user management etc. Globus GT3

13 02/07/03 Grid Support Centre 1 How to contact us There is a single point of contact for the Grid Support Centre and its related activities: Via the Web – By e-Mail – By 'phone – 01235 446822

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