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Research Projects Dave Berry Research Manager Chinese Delegation 18 th Nov 2004.

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1 Research Projects Dave Berry Research Manager Chinese Delegation 18 th Nov 2004

2 High Energy Physics: LHC ALICE - heavy ion collisions, to create quark-gluon plasmas - 50,000 particles in each collision LHCb - to study the differences between matter and antimatter - producing over 100 million b and b- bar mesons each year ATLAS - general purpose: origin of mass, supersymmetry, micro-black holes - 2,000 scientists from 34 countries CMS - general prupose detector - muon tracking, electromagnetic calorimeter, central tracking and hadron calorimeter ~6-8 PetaBytes / year ~10 8 events/year ~10 3 batch and interactive users

3 The EGEE Consortium Total of 70 full partners covering entire EU and beyond Total budget: ~32 M

4 Virtual Observatories IRAS 25 2MASS 2 DSS Optical IRAS 100 NVSS 20cm GB 6cm ROSAT ~keV WENSS 92cm Observations made across entire electromagnetic spectrum Different views of a local galaxy Need all of them to understand physics fully Databases are located throughout the world

5 The Virtual Observatory International Virtual Observatory Alliance UK, Australia, EU, China, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, US, Russia, France, India How to integrate many multi-TB collections of heterogeneous data distributed globally?

6 Mass-scale Data Mining

7 BRIDGES: BioInformatics Synteny Grid Service blast + VO Authorisation

8 eDiaMoND: Screening for Breast Cancer 1 Trust Many Trusts Collaborative Working Audit capability Epidemiology Other Modalities -MRI -PET -Ultrasound Better access to Case information And digital tools Supplement Mentoring With access to digital Training cases and sharing Of information across clinics Letters Radiology reporting systems eDiaMoND Grid 2ndary Capture Or FFD Case Information X-Rays and Case Information Digital Reading SMF Case and Reading Information CADTemporal Comparison Screening Electronic Patient Records Assessment/ Symptomatic Biopsy Case and Reading Information Symptomatic/Assessment Information Training Manage Training Cases Perform Training SMF CAD 3D Images Patients Provided by eDiamond project: Prof. Sir Mike Brady et al.

9 GridQTL A portal for execution of compute-intensive, multi-trait Quantitative Trait Loci analyses Joint project with Institute for Evolutionary Biology and the Roslin Institute Funded by the BBSRC for 4.5 years GridQTL Portal Meta Scheduler Research Data Analysis 3 Analysis 2 Analysis 1 UK e-Science Grid or NGS Resources

10 Modern fire safety engineering for the future built environment Integrated Emergency Response Model for the 21st Century

11 Example: Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire Fire detected 1st Decision 1st Response TIME (min) 0 10 Traffic stopped 15 Fans turned on in wrong direction! French Fire Br. 20 Intervention made difficult by poor initial response EventsConsequences Italian Fire Br. 25 Enhancement of smoke and fire 39 dead! Emergency assessment too slow! Lack of co-ordination b/w 2 sides too many vehicles enter tunnel

12 Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire & FireGrid Fire detected 0+ Sensors channel info to C&C Emergency Response Mode Better emergency assessment Sensor driven simulations initialised 1st Decision ~1 Traffic stopped Early forecasts Select pre-designed scenario matches TIME (min) Events Consequences x- Pre-emergency response planning Case-based training Many scenarios generated Co-ordination Preparedness Use in Design Mode application Lives saved! 20 Fire Brigades Emergency magnitude minimised Effective intervention C&C tasks emergency responders Escalation: Alert Experts, Commandeer resources Better emergency planning

13 e-Science Application Binary Data File BinX – accessing legacy binary data The Problem: Many binary data files Applications must know the data format Binary data formats are machine-specific BinX Library The Solution: Write a stand-aside format description in XML Provide a library to Interpret the description Provide file access across different machines Build higher-level services BinX file describes binary file structure simulations

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