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LambdaStation Phil DeMar Don Petravick NeSC Oct. 7, 2004.

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1 LambdaStation Phil DeMar Don Petravick NeSC Oct. 7, 2004

2 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station2 Overview The Problem Space Functional Description of LambdaStation Components of LambdaStation Technical Approach Case Study Test Environment Project Outline Current Status Summary

3 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station3 The Problem Very high (1-10 Gb/s) bandwidth research networks becoming available Typically not intended for general network traffic Alternate paths for high impact data movement Vision of the future: optical networks & lots of λs Not integrated with facility production LANs Production systems & storage facilities not directly accessible Customized local access usually required… WAN paths difficult to effectively use Used mostly with prototypes or in demonstrations

4 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station4 Proposed implementations dont scale Multi-homed end system model breaks down with multiple alternate paths Graceful failover capability missing or very complex Virtual interface model difficult to administer & adds complexity on host systems Applications may need customization for each new technology or high-performance path A last mile problem between advanced WAN & facility production LANs… The Problem (II)

5 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station5 Proposed Solution: LambdaStation LambdaStation: an alternate path selection service Agent to coordinate use of alternate WAN paths: Dynamic configuration adjuster of local network devices Goal is per-flow granularity for alternate path selection LambdaStation is a research project A 2-3 yr US Dept of Energy, Office of Science Fermilab and Caltech In very early stages of development Still in design phase Production network use is a ways off

6 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station6 How LambdaStation Would Help Advanced research networks Offer alternate, high bandwidth WAN paths May be a scheduled resource Typically demands customized local access LambdaStation intended to: Facilitates application request for high bandwidth WAN path Coordinates alternate WAN path establishment Dynamically reconfigures LAN forwarding of applications data

7 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station7 Components of LambdaStation A network path controller with modules interfacing to: Advanced WANs Local network infrastructure Peer LambdaStations Local applications & middleware AA infrastructure Software on host systems to coordinate with LambdaStation

8 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station8 Host Interactions Path request primitives: Flow identification: Source/dest address/port DSCP code point Possibly IP version Transfer characteristics Bytes, peak rate, duration Schedule (range) Path status primitives: Allocated bandwidth Path setup status Path termination status Normal or early abort…

9 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station9 LAN Interactions LAN device forwarding reconfigurations Graceful alternate path setup & teardown ACL modifications at site egress point Customizable interface to fit site specifics Non-objectives: QoS Traffic policing

10 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station10 WAN Interactions Capability for multiple alternate WANs Customizable interface to fit each WAN Provide abstract view for applications Path reservation Resource availability Scheduling Path setup/teardown Graceful… Non-objectives: QoS Link efficiency

11 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station11 Remote Site Interactions Establish path symmetry Exchange traffic selectors Coordinate WAN path setup/teardown Ack LAN path reconfiguration Verify path continuity Implies concurrent connectivity via reserved & commodity network paths Inform of: Path termination Traffic termination

12 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station12 Authorization & Authentication Initial AA capability: LambdaStation internal Site-controlled But some trust-level between sites Longer term goal: Utilize VO AA infrastructure Raises site-level control issues

13 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station13 Technical Approach Flow identification: Source/destination IP and DSCP code point tag Source/destination IP & Source/destination port # Local path forwarding reconfigurations: Based on policy routing ACLs Advanced WAN interface model: Site egress/ingress router to alternate path(s) Layer 2 site-to-site connections (vlan) or MPLS paths Transparent failover back to production path: Bandwidth limits or QBSS on fall-back traffic

14 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station14 Use Case 1.FNAL SRM gets request to copy 3.5TB data set to CMS tier-2 site - Transfer involves 3500 1GB files stored on 50 dCache systems 2.SRM initiates data transfer optimized for production network path 3.SRM makes alternate path request to local LambdaStation 4.LambdaStation: -Checks authentication & authorization -Schedules & coordinates establishment WAN path -Coordinates with remote site LambdaStation for symmetrical path -Verifies alternate WAN path continuity -Reconfigures local LAN for selective flow forwarding -Notifies SRM that alternate path is established 5.SRM makes parallelism changes to re-optimize data transfer SS Potentially shapes traffic to avoid congestion at pipe entrance. 6.Path reservation expires; LambdaStation gracefully tears path down -Remaining data movement traffic reverts to production network path -LambdaStation notifies SRM of alternate path teardown 7.SRM re-optimizes data transfer parallelism to complete the transfer

15 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station15 Test Environment LambdaStation Project Sites: FNAL (US-CMS Tier-1 Center) Cal Tech (US-CMS Tier-2 Site) Working to include UCSD as well (US-CMS Tier-2 Site) CERN CMS Edge Computing also planned LambdaStation Test WANs: US DOE UltraScience Net Two 10 GE (OC192) lambdas MPLS tunnels over DOEs ESnet Sub-10GE chunk out of ESnet production network

16 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station16 Project Outline Year 1LAN integration:Dynamic LAN reconfiguration WAN integration:Interface to DOE UltraScience Net; Establish alternate path to Cal Tech Application integration:SRM allocated bandwidth awareness ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year 2LAN integration:Automated LAN path setup/teardown, & scheduling; Peer LambdaStation coordination WAN integration:Automated UltraScience Net WAN path setup/teardown & scheduling Application integration:VO sensitivity; Adapt storage systems to schedule transfers to path avail. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year 3LAN integration:Harden to production use quality WAN integration:Full integration w/ UltraScience Net; Application integration:Harden to production use quality

17 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station17 Current Status A Pre-LambdaStation prototype exists: Dynamically reconfigures LAN devices to forward select traffic over alternate paths End system-applied DSCP tags for special-treatment flows Prototype work-arounds: Manual input of reservation parameters Static alternate WAN path – no setup required Asymmetric – no reverse path setup Results: Alternate traffic path established & torn down cleanly Path reroute & failback unnoticed by application

18 10.07/2004Demar, Petravick: Lambda Station18 Summary LambdaStations role in data-intensive science: Dynamically connect production end-systems to advanced high-performance wide-area networks Bring production-use systems to advanced networks Bring advanced networks to production-use applications LambdaStations status: Prototyping has demonstrated feasibility of dynamically reconfiguring local network paths for specific data flows Much work remains to be done for complete proof-of- concept Its a research project…

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