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Centre Review Dr Anna Kenway Centre Manager 11 October 2004.

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1 Centre Review Dr Anna Kenway Centre Manager 11 October 2004

2 Report Structure Events Event Statistics Visitor Programme Web Websites Statistics Supporting the Community Staff, Finance & Buildings

3 Report Structure Events Event Statistics Visitor Programme Web Websites Statistics Supporting the Community Staff, Finance & Buildings

4 Summary Figures for first 3 Years We have run just under 7 per month (up from just over 6 at last Review) 19,456 delegate days 248 events 8,329 delegates (many repeats – see later slide) 421 event days (in 750 working days) Further statistics exclude GGF5, as we did not handle registration so cannot do a detailed analysis.

5 Events held in the 3 rd Year (from 1 Aug 2003 to 31 Jul 2004) We had 114 (86,48) events: (Year 2 & 1 figures in brackets) 7 project meetings ( 11, 4) 8 research meetings ( 11, 7) 34 workshops (25, 18) 2 schools(2, 0) 18 training sessions(15, 8) 26 outreach events(12, 3) 6 international meetings(5,1) 4 conferences (0,1) 9 e-Science management meetings (5, 7)

6 Basic Event Statistics

7 Types of events (by volume of delegate days)

8 Frequent Flyers MPA (37)

9 UK Support 4289 people have registered in our database …

10 Attendance from different countries Involvement in EGEE reflected in increase in EU participation

11 Attendance from different sectors Engagement with healthcare continues…

12 Industrial Involvement 293 registered users from 213 companies 278 different delegates have attended events (350 event registrations) from 143 companies including not only Apple, Cisco, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, IBM (UK,EU & USA), Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, Sun but also … Astra Zeneca, BAE, BASF, Genemeds, Glaxo- SmithKline, Organon, Peppers Ghost Productions, Pfizer, Schlumberger, Siemens …

13 Future Events 23 already in an advanced stage of planning Through to July 2005 Including… Condor Week & Webservices BBSRC Meeting, ILDG & DBiBD Committed to supporting WWW conference in 2005 See:

14 Exit evaluations For general events we started collecting delegate responses in August 2003. (Always collected for training events.) Use two different evaluation sheets for general events, and training events. General events 22% response rate – on a scale of 5 (Excellent) to 1 (Disappointing') the average score is 4.1. Training events 39% response rate – on a scale of 5 (Excellent) to 1 (Poor) the average score is 4.0 About half of those who responded use our Internet Café or our WirelessLAN facilities No change to the figures since April … … because we cant get the participants to fill in the questionnaires … there have been a few extra….but not as many as there should be. Nought to complain? And we also get very positive thank you letters from organisers.

15 Visiting Researchers Past visitors can be seen at: We have had 29 visitors in the first 3 years, 3 currently including our first visitor staying for one year: Dr Jennifer Schopf from Argonne.

16 … and Research Leaders Richard Baldock (MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh) Ewan Klein (Informatics, Edinburgh) Colin Perkins (Dept of Computer Science, Glasgow) … who are on 50% secondment on the visiting researchers programme funded by both eSI and eDIKT. Future Visitors: Beth Plale (return visitor in late October, working with the OGSA- DAI team) Andrew Moore, Carnegie Mellon ILDG Middleware Group (from JLab, Fermilab, Tsukuba) … new concept of support for working workshops and group applications

17 Conclusions We have had a very busy first three years. The initial momentum has been maintained and indeed, growth has continued – enabled by increased efficiency. The challenge for the next 2 years is to continue to expand the community while at the same time continuing to support the existing constituency – this on a budget that is reduced in real terms.

18 Report Structure Events Event Statistics Visitor Programme Web Websites Statistics Supporting the Community Staff, Finance & Buildings

19 Websites We now run three: …and are implementing the Associates Network website for the DCC. You can now see some basic web statistics at: With more in the process of development:

20 NeSC Web site Statistics Since going live in 2001 to 8 Sep 2004 > 4.5 million successful requests (hits) transferring 273 gigabytes of data (4.8 GB in last week) In last week: Average hits per day 8593 Distinct files served 4642 … to 3572 distinct hosts Average data transferred per day (702 MB) (typical file size about 100 kB)

21 NeSC Website Statistics

22 NeSC Technical Report Downloads

23 Web Hits – Domain (3 years)

24 Web Volume – Domain (3 years)

25 Web Hits – Organisation (Feb 2004 – Jul 2004)

26 Web Volume – Organisation (Feb 2004 – Jul 2004)

27 Web Volume - Directory (Feb 2004 – July 2004)

28 Web Volume - File type (Feb 2004 – Jul 2004)

29 Other Websites Early Days All Hands Jan to Sep 2004 111,631 requests 8.77 GB of data 37.12 MB per day Activity peaked in August Almost entirely.pdf EGEE Jun to Sep 2004 23,164 requests 2.27 GB of data 67.0 MB per day Activity steady Almost entirely.ppt

30 Supporting the Community Wikis DB2, Secure Flocking Condor Testbed SIGs e-Science Data mining (Bob Mann) e-Science Project Management (Tony Linde) e-Science Visualisation (Ken Brodlie) NeSCForge – host Triana QCD Grid XMLDiff … and 36 other projects In development - Users forum Will be unveiled at BBSRC meeting in November 2004

31 Web Conclusions 45% of our requests are from domain with the vast majority in 24% from commercial – but the growth is largely from googlebot and other indexing services About 90% of requests are for.pdf and.ppt files i.e. talks and presentations

32 Report Structure Events Event Statistics Visitor Programme Web Websites Statistics Supporting the Community Staff, Finance & Buildings

33 Core Staff - changes Prof Peter Clarke has been appointed to the Chair in e-Science. Philip Clarke and Bob Mann have joined as lecturers in e-Science. John Murison resigned as Training Manager & JISC Liaison in August 2004. After discussions with JISC this post is to be re- advertised as JISC e-Science Policy Advisor. Four trainers (funded from EGEE and eSTT) have been appointed – David Ferguson, Richard Hopkins, Mike Miniter and Guy Warner. After Mark Cavanaghs departure, we have recruited two computing officers – Mohamed Abdi and Steve Thorn who are commencing in November. The second post is funded from ScotGrid & GridPP funding. Our book-keeper Jennifer Chan has moved on to a promoted permanent position in the University, and that post is under advertisement. We are about to appoint an outreach interface administrator with funding from DCC and EGEE, to support those activities. It is difficult to retain staff on fixed term contracts. We recruit and train them … and then they move on.

34 Financing of Staff Phase 1 Years 2001 -2004

35 Financing of Staff Phase 2 Years 2004 - 2006

36 Administrative Support for the Core Programme and Other Projects Grants managed: GridNet eSTORM, eSTORM2 All Hands Meeting: Paper submission and CD production Clerical support at the event Serving on the committee Web: Secure website Digital Curation Centre: Associates Network The Official Opening

37 Finances

38 Finances – Value Added University of Edinburgh£ 9.80 M University of Glasgow£ 1.92 M IBM£ 1.06 M SHEFC£ 2.28 M EGEE£ 1.03 M TOTAL£16.09 M This additional support includes posts, buildings, machines, refurbishment (including the Advanced Computing Facility in Edinburgh).

39 Buildings We have filled all available space. Larger offices currently occupied by 2 staff will shortly be occupied by 3. Lack of space is about to limit our ability to expand and host visitors.

40 Finish

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