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UK e-Science Report on OGSA, OGSI & OGSA-DAI Malcolm Atkinson Director of National e-Science Centre 28 th October 2002 Meeting of the UK.

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Presentation on theme: "UK e-Science Report on OGSA, OGSI & OGSA-DAI Malcolm Atkinson Director of National e-Science Centre 28 th October 2002 Meeting of the UK."— Presentation transcript:

1 UK e-Science Report on OGSA, OGSI & OGSA-DAI Malcolm Atkinson Director of National e-Science Centre 28 th October 2002 Meeting of the UK e-Science Technical Advisory Group Renaissance Hotel Heathrow, London

2 Overview OGSA, OGSI @ GGF6 Powerful force & progress DAIS-WG @ GGF6 International, strong UK lead, making good progress Influencing OGSI OGSA-DAI Phase 1: Complete and successful –But worrying structural issues Phase 2: Energetic and effective development collaboration –But unresolved structural issues Take home message Address these structural issues

3 OGSA & OGSI prognosis Powerful rallying cry Well organised OGSI, OGSA, … Responsive to DAI Substantial industrial investment Multi-national intensely active working groups IBM announcement of contribution of its OGSI code to public source Technical Previews Alpha 15 th January 03 Major engineering effort Complex & large code base More demanding of software environment Web services Messaging Depends on planned extensions to standards First APIs for Java

4 GGF DAIS WG Chairs Norman Paton (Manchester Uni.) Leanne Guy (CERN) … dropped out Dave Pearson (Oracle UK) Activity BoF GGF4 Toronto WG Meeting GGF5 Edinburgh Papers for GGF6 Workshops & Mail lists Goals Agree Standards for Database Access & Integration Freely available reference implementations OGSA-DAI one source & focus for discussions Data Provenance and Derivation Workshop Significant UK contribution Norman Paton, Inderpal Narang, Susan Maliaka, Greg Ricardi, …

5 The OGSA stake holders Grid Plumbing & Security Infrastructure SchedulingAccountingAuthorisation MonitoringDiagnosisLogging Scientific Application Data & Compute Resources Operations Team Application Developers Distributed Owners Scientific Users Keep all the stake holder groups satisfied

6 OGSA-DAI Stake Holders Grid Plumbing & Security Infrastructure SchedulingAccounting MonitoringDiagnosisLogging Data Intensive Applications Data & Storage Resources Distributed Authorisation Data Access Data Integration Structured Data Scientific Data Mining & Integration Technology Operations Team App. Developers Owners Data Intensive Users Data Providers Data Curators Tech. Developers Keep all the stake holder groups satisfied

7 Data Access & Integration Central to e-Science Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Biology, Medicine, … Collaboration Shared Databases Curated Knowledge Accumulated Observations Accumulated Simulations Computation Data mining Input to models Calibration of models Presentation Publication of results Visualisation

8 OGSA-DAI project Lego kit for Data Access & Integration Components for e-Science Applications Accelerated Application Development Multiple Data Models Distributed Data Access via Grid & Proxies Integration, Translation & Transformation Open Source Reference Implementation For DAIS-WG standard Trigger for DAI Component Construction Stimulate a community

9 OGSA-DAI Time Line Feb 02May 02Jul 02Sep 02Dec 02Feb 03May 03Sep 03 Ship Release 1 for GT3 Integration RDB + GT2 / OGSA Prototypes Available XML + OGSA Prototype Available Design Documents & Demos for DAIS WG @ GGF5 XML + OGSA Prototypes for Early Adopters WS + GSI UK support ( > 100 downloads) Phase 2 Starts Phase 1 Starts Demo & Release 1.5 @ GGF7 GGF6 WG Papers & Prototypes Release 2 today

10 Primary Components

11 Advanced Components

12 Composing Components OGSA-DAI Component Data Transport

13 Distributed Query

14 Today we have A well-developed architecture Issues identified and prioritised An emerging standard spec. A high level design Active cross-site development teams A functional spec for release 1 A plan for the remainder of the project Effective operational arrangements for development Architecture needs rewriting Doc. Structure Emerging ideas Standard needs negotiation and to be led from reference implementation High-level design still being polished Resources not fully committed by managers Development resources still being set up

15 Today we need Commitment of and by Managers Members of teams allocated for an agreed period Managers and leaders time and schedule committed Completion of collaboration agreement Sign off source licence IPR and liability agreement Agreed strategy for Globus copyright General issue for many UK projects Agreed plan for UK hand over and support

16 Take Home Message Developers working hard and well Quality of input and work very good Good quality team Plans, designs, proto-products emerging Committed to release for GT3 Alpha Unresolved high-level issues are major risk Could block release Could disrupt effective teams Could leave users without support

17 End of Presentation Questions Please

18 OGSA-DAI Summary On Schedule & Going Well Contributions via DAIS-WG @ GGF5 & 6 Releases with GT3 Releases scheduled Status: Early Days Released prototypes Tested Architectural Design Using OGSA Working with Early Adopter Pilot Projects AstroGrid & MyGrid First PRODUCT release Dec 02 Influence OGSA-DAI direction Via DAIS-WG & Direct messages to us

19 Oxford Glasgow Cardiff Southampton London Belfast Daresbury Lab RAL OGSA-DAI Partners EPCC & NeSC Newcastle IBM USA IBM Hursley Oracle Manchester EPCC & NeSC IBM UK IBM USA Manchester e-SC Newcastle e-SC Oracle £3 million, 18 months, started February 2002 Cambridge Hinxton

20 Composed Components

21 DAI Key Components GridDataServiceGDSAccess to data & DB operations GridDataServiceFactoryGDSFMakes GDS & GDSF GridDataServiceRegistryGDSRDiscovery of GDS(F) & Data GridDataTranslationServiceTranslates or Transforms Data GridDataTransportDepotGDTDData transport with persistence Relational & XML models supported Role-based Authorisation Binary structured files

22 OGSA Relationship ClassGridServiceRegistryNotificationConsumerNotificationProducer GDSMandatory OptionalNormal GDSFMandatory OptionalNormal GDSRMandatory Normal GDTSMandatory GDTDMandatory OptionalNormal

23 DAI portType Usage ClassGridDataServiceDataTransportFactory GDSMandatoryNormal GDSFOptionalNormalMandatory GDSROptional GDTSOptionalMandatory GDTDOptionalMandatory

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