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UK e-Science Booth at SC04 John Gordon 30 th November 2004.

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1 UK e-Science Booth at SC04 John Gordon 30 th November 2004

2 SC SuperComputing started in 1988 –In recent years more emphasis on Distributed Computing and Technology than pure Supercomputing The name is now SC2004 rather than SuperComputing –The High Performance, Networking, and Storage Conference UK e-Science programme has had a booth since 2002 SC2004 was held in Pittsburgh, 6-10 November

3 SC2004 Booth Programme Feedback Next year?

4 The Booth CCLRC-RAL took responsibility for the infrastructure A UK company, SmartPartners, arranged the shipping and construction of the stand. RAL managed the networking, computers, display, and audio-visual Mainly funded by EPSRC –Some equipment loaned by RAL and others (eg ClusterVision)


6 The Programme Dave Berry (NeSC) organised the booth content 12 demonstrations with 1 or 2 flat screens Talks in the booths theatre

7 Demonstrations Public call went out early summer –Aimed at e-Science Centres and RCs –Calling for projects to propose demonstrations Review panel looked at the projects presence at AHM and proposed a couple more Selection made early September Funded two people per demo

8 Demonstrations

9 Talks A programme of 25 talks was organised for the booth Speakers drawn from demonstrators, other attendees, and via Access Grid from the UK. All broadcast on AG

10 Talks

11 Pictures

12 Visitors to the booth had their name badges swiped to record their details 902 recorded –Although the card reader was broken for a while. –Estimate 1000 cf 353 at Phoenix 2003 Visitors

13 Other Observations Many other countries with booths –Countries – Netherlands, Hungary, Austria –Organisations – France, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Australia –UK – Daresbury, EPCC, Manchester eIRG recommended that FP6 Grid Programmes be represented in 2005

14 Feedback The overall feeling was that the stand was a success and that attending had been beneficial. The demonstrators had all made good contacts and were grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate their work. They also appreciated the chance to learn what is being done elsewhere by visiting the other stands at the show. Most people said they would like to attend again

15 Suggestions Identifiable Logo/Banner –Union Flag? Open up demo area – Poster areas hide the demos Bigger displays –Plasma screen will reduce poster space More visual talks More guides to lead visitors to demos Stricter management of demos

16 Next Year This years grant covers storage of the booth –Could be used elsewhere Booked 40x40 booth for Seattle 12-18 Nov –No cost yet –Shared boundary with AIST SC Global –Collaborative working over AG StorCloud –Space to demo high-bandwidth

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