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Create a Tri-fold Note sheet Legislative ExecutiveJudicial.

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1 Create a Tri-fold Note sheet Legislative ExecutiveJudicial

2 Legislative Branch Article I of the Constitution

3 CONGRESS Creates and writes the laws

4 CONGRESS House of Representatives- Based on Population Elected by the people 2 year term Requirements 25 years old Citizen of US for 7 years Senate Based on Equality- 2 per state Elected by the people 6 year term Requirements 30 years old Citizen of the US for 9 years

5 EXECUTIVE BRANCH Article II of the Constitution

6 Enforces the Law Executive Branch

7 Executive Branch = President + VP + Cabinet

8 Executive Branch Natural born citizen 35 years of age Lived in the US as a resident for 14 years

9 President Term of office is 4 YEARS Originally someone could serve UNLIMITED TERMS. This changed after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was elected to 4 terms! The 22 nd Amendment was passed in 1951 which limited terms to 2. Can someone serve more than 8 years?

10 Presidents Powers….. APPOINT JUDGES, cabinet officers, and heads of departments (FBI, Ambassadors, Post Office, Surgeon General) MAKE TREATIES Head diplomatic affairs Initiate Legislation SIGN BILLS into laws or VETO BILLS Set annual budget Command the military

11 How Chosen to Office President is elected by the ELECTORAL COLLEGE Candidate must receive 51% of Electoral votes 538 total; 51% = 270 votes

12 Vice President Qualifications: same as President Duties: Preside over Senate and act as a tie breaker Assume office if President dies, or is unable to perform duties – this determined by 25 th amendment

13 CABINET- ADVISERS to the President State – foreign affairs = Hillary Clinton Treasury – Timothy Geithner Defense – Robert Gates Justice (Attorney General) – Eric H. Holder Jr. Interior (Domestic Affairs) – Kenneth L. Salazar Agriculture – Thomas J. Vilsak Commerce – Gary F. Locke Labor – Hilda Solis

14 Cabinet… … Housing and Urban Development Transportation Health and Human Services Energy Education Veteran’s Affairs Homeland Security – Janet A. Naplitano

15 Judicial Branch Article III of the Constitution

16 JUDICIAL Branch Interpret the laws – Judicial Review Supreme Court Appointed by President Approved by SENATE Serve for life

17 SUPREME 9 John Roberts - Chief Justice Antonin Scalia Anthony Kennedy Stephen Breyer Ruth Bader Ginsberg Clarence Thomas Sam Alito Sonia Sotomayor Elena Kagan

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