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Open Grid Service Architecture - Data Access & Integration (OGSA-DAI) Dr Martin Westhead Principal Consultant, EPCC Telephone:+44 131 650 5958 Fax:+44.

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1 Open Grid Service Architecture - Data Access & Integration (OGSA-DAI) Dr Martin Westhead Principal Consultant, EPCC Telephone:+44 131 650 5958 Fax:+44 131 650 6555

2 The Grid: An Overview

3 The Grid Distributed computing model Based on platform and protocol neutral standards Resource virtualisation and resource sharing – Hardware, storage, network, data, function, instruments Service oriented model – Discovery – Negotiated access and allocation – Introspection and management of state Unlimited resources – Dependability – Performance and scalability Community driven standards process – Global Grid Forum (GGF) – Open source reference implementations (Globus, OGSA-DAI)

4 Challenging Requirements Dynamic formation and management of virtual organisations Online negotiation of access to services: who, what, why, when, how Configuration of applications and systems able to deliver multiple qualities of service Autonomic management of distributed infrastructures, services, and applications

5 The Grid Concept System Users Intelligent Interface Middleware Cluster Operating System Supercomputing Networking Mass Storage Jack Dongarra

6 Open Grid Service Architecture

7 Service Oriented Architecture Service Registry Service Requestor Service Provider FindPublish Bind

8 The Best of Both Worlds Web Services Business integration Secure and universal access Applications on demand Grid Protocols Vast resource scalability Global Accessibility Resources on demand Continuous Availability Access resource Manage resource Share resource Open Grid Services Architecture See: The Physiology Of The Grid …

9 Open Grid Services Architecture Web services – Standard interface definition mechanisms: multiple protocol bindings, multiple implementations, local/remote transparency – Address discovery & invocation of services Grid Service extensions – Transient services – State management in a distributed environment Resource virtualisation Multiple hosting targets: J2EE,.NET, C, …

10 OGSA-DAI Programme

11 OGSA-DAI Motivation UK e-Science Core Programme – Database Taskforce – Grid data requirements scoping study – Data Access and Integration BoF at GGF4 – DAIS Working Group in Global Grid Forum Exploit emerging Grid computing concepts (OGSA) Web Services adoption DBMS adoption Meet needs of Grid application developers for UK e-Science community – Grid Pilot projects

12 UK Grid Pilot Projects Computational Fluid Dynamics Geodise Bioinformatics, Environmental & Earth sciences DiscoveryNet Virtual Observatory AstroGrid Interactive steering of data & compute intensive analysis – chemistry, earth sciences RealityGrid Combinatorial (bio-)chemistry CombiChem Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering DAME eScience workbench, Bioinformatics myGrid Research Focus

13 OGSA-DAI Requirements Transient and persistent data - Data sources & Resources Maintain complex data models- Information/Knowledge Record and maintain data about data - Metadata Establish reliability and quality of data- Provenance Make data more accessible- Publishing and Discovery Restrict who can read and modify data- Access control Receive data in a state ready to use - Transformation Personalise data- Analysis/Interpretation Quality of Service - Managing data

14 DAI Programme of Work Two phases – Phase 1 Feb – Sept 2002 complete – Phase 2 Oct 2002 – Jul 2003 complete Grid data service reference implementations – OGSA compliant – DB2, MySQL, ORACLE, XINDICE Integration with Globus toolkit Input to Global Grid Forum on standards recommendations Collaborative Programme

15 IBM UK & IBM US Participating Organisations Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre North East eScience Centre National eScience Centre North West eScience Centre Oracle Corporation UK

16 OGSA-DAI Basic Services OGSA-DAI Distributed Query Database, Communication, OS… Technology Resource Grid Infrastructure – OGSA… Data Grid Infrastructure – Location, Delivery, Replication…

17 Database (Xindice, MySQL Oracle, DB2) Request to Registry for sources of data about x Registry responds with Factory handle Request to Factory for access to database Factory creates GridDataService Factory returns handle of GDS to client Client queries GDS with SQL, XPath, XQuery etc GDS interacts with database Query results returned XML SOAP/HTTP service creation API interactions Analyst Registry GDSR Factory GDSF Grid Data Service GDS Consumer OR delivered to consumer as XML OGSA-DAI Behaviours

18 Delivery Patterns

19 Statement Operations Receives statement Performs statement against a data resource Returns results Statement Component and Database Connections Data Resource StatementResults

20 Statement Architecture Engine/GDS-S JDBC ConnectionXMLDB Connection JDBC API Relational DB XML DB XML:DB API Statement Statement Activity Statement Handlers JDBC Statement Handlers XMLDB Statement Handlers

21 OGSA-DAI Security Grid Security Infrastructure Authentication The role mapper takes credentials and a database name and returns a dbRole dbRole contains username and password Role Mapper dbRole Credentials Database Name username password

22 OGSA-DAI Summary Reference implementation for DAIS standards recommendations Meet needs of Grid applications in e-Science Current phase provide basic building blocks Proposal for future work in progress – Automation, intelligence, higher level services Release 3 available for download from:

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