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Mass Media AP GoPo. What are the different types of mass media?

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1 Mass Media AP GoPo

2 What are the different types of mass media?

3 Small Group Discussion Which media outlet will earn a candidate the most “bang” for their buck? Explain. Keep the following in mind as you discuss: – How easy is it to access each source? – How many people does it reach? – Are the audience members already supporters of particular candidates?

4 Mass Media & News Media Mass Media: – Means of communication that reach the public Newspapers, magazines, radio, t.v., films, books, recordings, electronic communication News Media: – Media that emphasizes news Currently focused on combining entertainment and news (Infotainment) Jon Stewart vs. Walter Cronkite

5 Types of Media Internet – Social Media – News outlets Radio Television Print – Newspapers – Magazines

6 Internet Most rapidly expanding/increasingly profitable media outlet Wide variety of information available – Pros? Cons? Used as a means of political communication & coordination – Arab Spring – Sony hack

7 Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc. Easily accessible Easy to spread information – Pros? Cons? – In what ways can the public use social media as a linkage institution? – Is this always a good thing? Jimmy Kimmel vs. Gawker Stalker

8 Television Has had arguably the biggest impact on American politics – Kennedy/Nixon debates – Vietnam coverage Americans watch (on average) 4 ½ hours of TV a day & own (on average) 2 TVs per household 24/7 news cycle – Around the clock news broadcasting – Became popular in the 1980’s News used to be presented in the mornings & evenings

9 Television News audience depends on a variety of factors (mainly age) – 18-29: Internet then cable news – 50+: local TV news then cable news TV news outlets are heavily reliant on the Internet as an additional outlet to disseminate information Cable news stations are quickly surpassing broadcast news stations (ABC, NBC, CBS)

10 Television Commercials are an important source of information about candidates & issues – Candidates must now attempt to define their opponents as well as themselves Cable & broadcast news stations tend to cover less news about Congressional issues because of the varying districts – Allows for local newspapers to put this information out

11 Radio Statistically, more Americans have radios than TVs – How often do you listen to the radio? Specific demographics listen to particular programs – Makes it easier for campaigns to target audiences based on programming

12 Print News Media Newspapers & Magazines: Readership has been steadily declining for 2 decades – Reflection of decline in young readers Where do younger demographics get their news from? Decline in revenue from advertising – Internet is typically chosen over print adverts Many publications offer online access to stay current & competitive

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