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WoDSMeS slide 1 Practical Experiences with Distributed Mixed Projects Albert Alderson.

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1 WoDSMeS slide 1 Practical Experiences with Distributed Mixed Projects Albert Alderson

2 WoDSMeS slide 2 Introduction Distributed mixed projects offer a variety of opportunities and challenges Share experiences – My perceptions Offer some thoughts

3 WoDSMeS slide 3 Background 17+ years with Software Sciences –Alvey, Esprit & RACE 6 years IPSYS Software –Esprit & RACE 6 years Staffordshire University –EPSRC projects

4 WoDSMeS slide 4 ATMOSPHERE ESPRIT II – 5 years – 650 years effort Harmonise the European IT industry IPSE kit of parts –IPSEs for different industries

5 WoDSMeS slide 5 ATMOSPHERE 5 lead companies –Siemens, Bull, Nixdorf, Philips, GEC- Marconi 2 Eureka projects Countless sub-contractors

6 WoDSMeS slide 6 ATMOSPHERE Organisation was chaotic In-fighting between the principles GEC removed Whole project died later

7 WoDSMeS slide 7 ATMOSPHERE Goals unrealistic –commercially and technically Will to harmonise doubtful IPR a root problem A disaster

8 WoDSMeS slide 8 ARISE RACE 3 years ~10 partners –UK, Eire, Greece, Spain, Sweden,... Specialist Management Partner

9 WoDSMeS slide 9 ARISE Telecomms IPSE Clear technical objectives Basic technology in place Partner autonomy Goodwill between partners 2-3 day workshops 6 monthly

10 WoDSMeS slide 10 ARISE Papers aplenty Improved individual tools –Commercially beneficial No Telecomms ISPE Long lasting relationships A success?

11 WoDSMeS slide 11 BOOST RACE 3 years ~12 partners –UK, Eire, Greece, Spain, France, Sweden,.. + major Telecomms org Specialist Management Partner

12 WoDSMeS slide 12 BOOST Telecomms IPSE Goals subverted by Telecomms org Technology enforced by RACE Four-monthly RACE workshops

13 WoDSMeS slide 13 BOOST Nothing worthwhile delivered End of partnerships Plagued by EU bureaucracy Some internal projects funded A failure

14 WoDSMeS slide 14 MACS ESPRIT 3 years 6 partners –UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece Lead fell to small UK company

15 WoDSMeS slide 15 MACS Maintenance of AI systems Mix of AI and software eng. Interesting idea no real goals Lead knew nothing of AI AI specialists no interest in software Academics good at criticising

16 WoDSMeS slide 16 MACS A clash of technical cultures A clash of national cultures No tangible outcomes A disaster

17 WoDSMeS slide 17 COMPLEMENT ESPRIT 3 years ~12 partners –UK, France, Germany, Spain Lead with a smaller partner

18 WoDSMeS slide 18 COMPLEMENT RTS methods review and dev Harmonisation again Objectives clear Base technology ransom bid Split into 3 national groups

19 WoDSMeS slide 19 COMPLEMENT A clash of national cultures A clash of commercial interests Worthy but unrealistic Excellent analyses never published A failure

20 WoDSMeS slide 20 ECLIPSE UK ALVEY 3 years 6 partners –Software Sciences, CAP, LBMS Lancaster, Aberystwyth, Strathclyde Lead with largest partner

21 WoDSMeS slide 21 ECLIPSE To build an IPSE –Partners realistic – previous prototypes Manifesto – partner needs Technical base - lead partner Partner automony 2-3 day workshops 3 monthly Planned demonstrators

22 WoDSMeS slide 22 ECLIPSE Eurofighter HOOD toolset base for metaCASE new version of SSADM useful tools and theory Prof-ships, PhDs, career boosts Papers, book long term friendships

23 WoDSMeS slide 23 Thoughts Acknowledge partner goals Deal with IPR Place management sensibly Realistic goals Partner autonomy in context

24 WoDSMeS slide 24 Thoughts Safe base technology –Build 4 systems –Product, Development –Test, Management Demonstrators Working meetings not reporting Take care of the social side

25 WoDSMeS slide 25 I wish you all an Eclipse project

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