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VMware NSX and Micro-Segmentation

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1 VMware NSX and Micro-Segmentation
Irish R. Spring Systems Engineering Manager, NSBU Central

2 Why do breaches still occur?
Today’s data centers are protected by strong perimeter defense… But threats and exploits still infect servers. Low-priority systems are often the target. Threats can lie dormant, waiting for the right moment to strike. Attacks spread inside the data center, where internal controls are often weak. Critical systems are targeted. Server-server traffic growth has outpaced client-server traffic. The attack spreads and goes unnoticed. Possibly after months of reconnaissance, the infiltration relays secret data to the attacker.

3 The legacy security model emphasized perimeter security
Data Center Perimeter Internet Perimeter-centric network security has proven insufficient

4 And is incompatible with a world where security is needed everywhere
Adding more internal security… requires placing more firewalls across workloads Physical Firewalls Cost prohibitive with complex configurations Internet Virtual Firewalls Slower performance, costly and complicated Data Center Perimeter

5 What’s needed: a new architectural approach
Software-Defined Data Center Applications Virtual Machines Virtual Networks Virtual Storage Data Center Virtualization Compute Capacity Network Capacity Storage Capacity Location Independence

6 The next-generation networking model
VSWITCH OS Hypervisor Software Network and Security Services Now in the Hypervisor Software Load Balancing L3 Routing L2 Switching Firewalling/ACLs Hardware

7 Visibility NSX is uniquely positioned to see everything NSX
Applications Virtual Infrastructure NSX Physical Network Infrastructure Internet

8 Granular control becomes possible
NSX vSwitch VM Hypervisor High throughput rates on a per-hypervisor basis Every hypervisor adds additional east-west firewalling capacity Native feature of the VMware NSX platform

9 Delivering better security automation
NSX vSwitch VM Hypervisor Platform-based automation Automated provisioning and workload adds/moves/changes Accurate firewall policies follow workloads as they move Centralized management of single logical, distributed firewall

10 Delivering higher levels of data center security
Micro-segmentation 1 2 3 Isolation and segmentation Unit-level trust / least privilege Ubiquity and centralized control VM VM VM

11 Simplifying network security
Production Development Finance HR Security policies no longer tied to network topology Logical groups can be defined Prevents threats from spreading Web VM VM VM VM App VM VM VM VM DB VM VM VM VM

12 Thank you

13 DES MOINES th Street Urbandale, IA 50322 KANSAS CITY 6400 Glenwood St.| Suite 314 Overland Park, KS 66202 OMAHA 5940 S. 118th St. Omaha, NE 68137

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