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1 Adding Value ? The role of the librarian in social science research Jude England Head of Social Science Collections and Research The British Library.

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1 1 Adding Value ? The role of the librarian in social science research Jude England Head of Social Science Collections and Research The British Library 13 th February 2009

2 2 Purpose of this presentation Overview of role of libraries in social science research Challenges for librarians in supporting research Draw on, and share, learning of the BL social science team Suggest opportunities for future development Examples of BL activities to support research ….. the study of society and the manner in which people behave and impact on the world….. … the scientific study of economy and societies….

3 3 Publick use to all prosperity… British Museum Act, 1753: charged with care of books, manuscripts and papers acquired by the state Organic evolution until mid- 19 th century and active enforcement of legal deposit The British Library Act 1972; 1988, St Pancras Purpose: support all researchers – personal, academic, corporate

4 4 The Worlds Knowledge 150 million items 625 km shelves 12 km p.a. Newspapers grey lit Patents International coverage World wide languages Official and IGO PublicationsSound Oral historyIOR Magazines Manuscripts ConferencesPhilatelic e-publications Websites BIPC Maps PaintingsPhotographs ExhibitionsTalksWorkshops

5 5 Challenge 1: multitude of roles Library: Repository Study space Source of tools and material Source of inspiration Social space Exhibition space Last resort! Librarian: Shopper Preserver and conserver Security guard Guide and host Detective Educator and interpreter Promoter Authenticator

6 6 Challenge 2: external context Scope of Social Science and growth in multi-disciplinary research UK Research Council and Government themes Funding regimes = competitive and time-poor researchers Concern about cost and value of research; emphasis on re-use of research Importance and range of data Wide range of researchers, behaviours and expectations Long-term research capacity More emphasis on dissemination, public value and economic impact

7 7 Challenge 3: researchers attitudes Google, Google, Google and our digital lives Distant from libraries - actual and metaphorical Access and availability: need for speed Competitive and selfish: can be hard to find, talk to, engage Need for ethics, authenticity, trusted sources Libraries = books and journals and not much else Low awareness of the potential of libraries, and librarians

8 8 What would encourage use?

9 9 What can libraries and librarians do? Identify strengths: staff and content Develop infrastructure and finding aids Form partnerships Work with researchers Adopt range of roles

10 10 In practice: BL Social Science activities Linking with social science research community (academic, government, third sector); mapping and developing collections and content; facilitating access Partnerships (formal and informal): LSE and OUSSL; ESDS; TNA; ESRC Digital continuity e.g TNA and UK e-OP; MAGIC; web archiving; e-legal deposit; voluntary deposit Developing strategies for grey literature and data access Developing tailored resources e.g. Business and Management studies website personalised portal; Olympics web resource; Welfare Reform on the Web ©Clive Sherlock

11 11 In practice: BL Social Science activities Research collaborations: Voices of the UK; Childrens play in the media age Active support to knowledge exchange e.g. ESRC-funded CSR and multi-modal seminar series; University of Sheffield SERX (Social Enterprise Research and Knowledge Exchange); ESRC Interns Hub: Welfare Reform on the Web at 10; TNA/BL events programme; ESDS seminars; ESRC Festival of Social Science; hosting events (SRA, UKES, SCOLMA, GLIG, AcSS, BSA, ESRC) Capacity building: Postgraduate training days; census 2011; public events ©Clive Sherlock

12 12 In practice: library and archive as creator Archival Sound Recordings Newspaper digitisation The Sound and the Fury; Taking Liberties Preservation and life-cycle management: ESDS data management; UKDA Data Store; PLANETS; LIFE Resource discovery: from printed guide to Web 2.0 Digitisation and re-unification: Codex Sinaticus, International Dunhuang Project Childrens Games in the Media Age

13 13 archive/holdings.html Oral History Collections Public life and politics C5 British in India Oral Archive C10 Methodist Sound Archive C465 Hall-Carpenter Oral History Archive (gay and lesbian experience in UK) C518 Fire Brigades Union interviews C525 London Museum of Jewish Life Oral History Interviews C609 Labour Oral History Project C739 National Co-Operative Oral History Project C880 Interviews with Women Conscientious Objectors C1049 Communist Party of Great Britain Bio Project Health and medicine C512 Oral History of Geriatrics as a Medical Speciality C545 Royal College of Nursing History Group Interviews C648 Oral History of General Practice 1936-1952 C816 Oral History of Community Pharmacy C823 Andy Stevens Psychiatric Nurses Interviews National Life Stories Leaders of National Life Architects Lives Artists Lives Oral History of the Post Office The Living Memory of the Jewish community City Lives Lives in Steel Book Trade Lives Food: From Source to Salespoint British Library Website

14 14 Sport Matters Online resources for research Research reports, biographies, books, books, books old and new Archived sport websites Newspapers, weeklies, Football fanzines Olympics stamps and artwork Foreign language material Market research reports Oral histories BL special collections

15 15 The Library….. The Library Hub for ideas Policy makers Practitioners Researchers Collect, develop content for future researchers Capacity building and inspiration for new researchers Promote value of research Information provision, transfer, generation Repository ©British Library Photographic

16 16 Conclusion and Contact Jude England (0)20 7412 7670 Alt extn: 7487 Email: Head-Social Science Collections & Research The British Library 96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB Available at ©British Library Website

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