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Policy Oversight Committee Update Board of Directors Meeting June 25-26, 2012 Stuart C. Sweet, MD, PhD.

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1 Policy Oversight Committee Update Board of Directors Meeting June 25-26, 2012 Stuart C. Sweet, MD, PhD

2 Current Work  Variance Proposal  Policy Rewrite Project  Review of 2012-2013 Committee Projects  Rewrite of Data Release Policies  Multi-Organ Allocation

3 This proposal was approved on the consent agenda yesterday. The Board is asked to consider extensive modifications to the policies to clarify and improve variance policies by making it easier for members to comply with variance policies; enable the OPTN to evaluate the variance for potential national policy; create uniformity; and promote reliability in the information provided with variance applications. Variance Proposal

4 Policy Rewrite Project The rewritten policies are scheduled to go out for public comment from July 2, 2012 to August 31, 2012.  The POC reviewed the final drafts during a conference call on June 11 th.  This was a culmination of a lot of work by UNOS staff and Committee members.

5 Policy Rewrite Project The goal of the project is to have Policies that are written in plain language with information that was easier to understand, access, and use. Note: This rewrite does not make any substantive changes to the content of the current Policies, but only changes the current language to make it easier to understand with more consistent terminology, better organization, and new usability features, including a table of contents.

6 Subsequent reviews of the OPTN Policies are planned to address remaining issues that require substantive changes. The Board will consider this proposal at its November 2012 meeting and, if approved, the proposal will go into effect on February 1, 2013. Policy Rewrite Project

7 2011-2012 Committee Project Review The POC reviewed 41 new projects and 74 ongoing during its April 9, 2012 meeting and provided recommendations to the Executive Committee. There were some modifications made to the process based on feedback from the initial review in 2011. This included changes to the new project form to better align with the POC scorecard as well as the creation of an ongoing project form and liaison profile form.

8 The POC will continue to work with leadership and the Executive Committee to improve on this process in an effort to better assist the organization with setting priorities. 2011-2012 Committee Project Review

9 Data Release Policies This proposal was recently distributed for public comment. The data release policies were completely revised because the existing language is outdated. The intent of the changes include:  Streamline the data release policies  Remove unnecessary language  Better address release of patient-level information  Combine 9/10 into one policy

10 The POC will review comments received on this proposal in preparation for the November 2012 Board of Directors meeting. Data Release Policies

11 Multi-Organ Allocation The POC is still getting feedback from other committees before finalizing a path forward. Issues being addressed include:  Minimum listing criteria  Safety net  Policy ambiguities  Procurement/logistical issues

12 Potential POC roles: 1) Develop a policy proposal to carry forward the SRTR recommendations regarding missing data (e.g. review and auditing requirements, which fields would default to least beneficial value if missing) 2) Oversee a process of reviewing currently collected data to improve consistency/completeness of important elements and recommend removal or modification of data elements that do not provide useful information 3) Develop recommendations regarding the process for adding new data elements to the forms (and perhaps models) PSR Consensus Conference

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