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HAND OUTS DExT Project UK Data Archive September 2007.

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1 HAND OUTS DExT Project UK Data Archive September 2007



4 Exploring text online



7 DDI record Standard level 1 and 2 of DDI2 used Some fixed vocabulary used for qualitative data types, data formats and data collections methods File level 3 attributes not used

8 UKDA DDI record – HTML

9 1870 1973 1969 1973 Great Britain Regions in England, Scotland and Wales Individuals; Families/households Location of units of observation: National Population keywords: Families Population: Men and women born between 1870 and 1908 Textual data; Numeric data in-depth interview transcripts Cross-sectional (one-time) study Quota sample derived from the occupational census of 1911, clustered and stratified by region and social class 449 (qualitative); 444 (quantitative) Face-to-face interview; Compilation or synthesis of existing material No weighting used A ESDS Qualidata, UK Data Archive Variables per Case: 191 variables per case <br> 2003A The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See <a href='/orderingdata/termsandConditions.asp'>terms and conditions</a> for further information. Help desk: UKDA DDI record - XML

10 TEI file prepared for online delivery

11 Basic TEI mark-up for our text files

12 More TEI mark-up? three basic groups of structural features –defining idiosyncrasies in transcription –links to analytic annotation and other data types (e.g.. thematic codes, concepts, audio or video links, researcher annotations) –identifying information such as real names, company names, place names, occupations, temporal information we have piloted an NLP system to semi-automated mark up of named entities

13 13 Identifying elements –identify atomic elements of information in text Person names Company/Organisation names Locations Dates Times Percentages Occupations Monetary amounts –example: Italy's business world was rocked by the announcement last Thursday that Mr. Verdi would leave his job as vice-president of Music Masters of Milan, Inc to become operations director of Arthur Anderson

14 14

15 Progress on textual mark-up text mining collaboration important two bids in for key word extraction systems to help conceptually index qualitative data Hence other need for annotation schema! Some CAQDAS software also employ NLP tools for autocoding

16 CAQDAS Examples Atlas-ti HyperResearch Max-QDA NU*DIST 6 N*VIVO 2 QDA Miner QUALRUS Weft QDA

17 QDA Miner interface

18 Atlas-ti interface

19 Atlas-ti output

20 QDA Miner output

21 QuDEx File




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