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Access to Data via the ESDS/UKDA Jack Kneeshaw ESDS/UKDA.

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1 Access to Data via the ESDS/UKDA Jack Kneeshaw ESDS/UKDA

2 ESDS overview New national data archiving and dissemination service, running from 1 Jan. 2003 – 2008 Provides access and specialist support for key economic and social data UK Data Archive is a service provider of ESDS and preserves and supplies most of the data Other partners include MIMAS and the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR) and the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)

3 Specialist data services ESDS Government ESDS International ESDS Longitudinal ESDS Qualidata Provide - dedicated web sites - data and documentation enhancements - user support - training

4 ESDS Government General Household Survey Labour Force Survey Health Survey for England/Wales/Scotland Family Expenditure Survey British Crime Survey Family Resources Survey National Food Survey/Expenditure and Food Survey ONS Omnibus Survey Survey of English Housing British Social Attitudes National Travel Survey Time Use Survey

5 Benefits of the large-scale government datasets Good quality data –produced by experienced research organisations –usually nationally representative with large samples –good response rates –very well documented Continuous data –allows comparison over time –data is largely cross-sectional Hierarchical data –intra-household differences –household effects on individuals

6 ESDS Longitudinal Longitudinal surveys involve repeated surveys of the same individuals at different points in time Allow researchers to analyse change at the individual level More complex to analyse

7 British Household Panel Survey Collected and deposited by the ULSC at Essex Follows the members of 5500 households first sampled in 1991 - interviews conducted annually Major resource for understanding the dynamics of British households Coverage includes: –income, labour market behaviour, social and political values, health, education, housing and household organisation Recently large new samples were introduced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

8 British Birth Cohort Studies Impact of childhood conditions on later life and understanding children and families in the UK National Child Development Study follows a cohort born in a single week in 1958 - data collected at birth & ages 7, 11, 16, 23, 33, 42 1970 British Cohort Study follows a cohort born in a single week in 1970 - data collected around birth & ages 5, 10, 16, 26 and most recently at age 30 Millennium Cohort Study focuses on children born in 2000 / 2001 - first sweep at 9 months, second sweep at 3 years Wide range of social, economic, health, medical and psychological measures

9 ESDS International Regularly updated macro-economic time series datasets from selected major international statistical databanks that collectively chart over 50 years of global economic, industrial and political change: the International Monetary Fund the OECD the United Nations the World Bank Eurostat the International Labour Organisation the UK Office for National Statistics Access to microdata surveys Eurobarometers International Social Survey Programme Other social data via other national data archives

10 ESDS Qualidata Data from ESRC individual research grant awards Data from ESRC Programme research grant awards Data from classic social science studies Other funders/sources Focus on DIGITAL Collections, but also facilitate paper-based archiving

11 Types of qualitative data Diverse data types: in-depth interviews ; semi- structured interviews; focus groups; oral histories; mixed methods data; open-ended survey questions; case notes/records of meetings; diaries/research diaries Multi-media: audio, video, photos and text (typically transcriptions) Formats: digital, paper, analogue audio-visual Data structures - differ across different document types Scope for re-use across different disciplines

12 The UK Data Archive – a service provider of the ESDS

13 UK Data Archive background established at the University of Essex in 1967 by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) core funded by the ESRC and the University of Essex and JISC

14 Core collection In addition to data covered by the specialist ESDS services, the UKDA holds a substantial number of smaller-scale studies, which include: surveys censuses registers aggregate statistics text (digital) and images

15 Sources of core data official agencies - mainly central government individual academics - research grants market research agencies public records/historical sources access to international data via links with other data archives worldwide

16 Complete UKDA collection 4,500+ studies in the collection 250+ new studies are added each year 2000+ orders for data per year 6500+ datasets distributed worldwide p.a.

17 Finding and accessing data

18 Psychology data at the UKDA – a taster Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys Ethnic Minority Psychiatric Illness Rates in the Community (EMPIRIC), 2000 Relation between Visual Properties and Action : Experimental Data, 1999-2000 Shyness and Children's Vocabulary Scores, 2000 An Investigation of Visual-Field Effects in Infant Response to Colour, 1998-2000 Development of Perceptual Causality, 1996-2000 Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in Great Britain, 1999

19 Secondary analysis potential Descriptive/background population information Comparative research potential Undertaking a follow-up study Secondary analysis Research design and methodology Verification Teaching and learning

20 Retrieval and access Web access, via UKDA site, to data and metadata Documentation (codebooks, questionnaires) freely available to any UKDA user (registered or unregistered) Data can be browsed and frequencies run by any user (registered or unregistered) using Nesstar Full datasets are freely available for download for the majority of our registered users Data supplied in a variety of formats SPSS STATA tab-delimited text

21 Finding data UKDA web pages - easy to navigate format –Search catalogue facility –subject browsing - e.g. major series –HASSET thesaurus –access to online doc - pdf user guides and questionnaires Nesstar –browse data and metadata for a selection of data –run frequencies

22 Accessing data Registered users can: download full datasets order data via online order system browse/analyse/download data in Nesstar To register: complete online form sign and return data access agreement (legal undertaking) (to access data) register a project

23 Demo

24 ESDS specialist data services: UK Data Archive:

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