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Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis

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1 Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis
What is CAQDAS? Stands for: Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Examples of software: Atlas-ti Winmax NVivo NUDIST Developed in late 1980s. Why would we wish to use these programmes? Why not do it all by hand? Because of the nature of qualitative data

2 Nature of qualitative data
largely unstructured mostly text-based: transcribed interviews transcribed discussions field notes other written documents (e.g. observations and records of meetings etc.) If you imagine you have conducted 30 interviews - each 1 hour long (some 60 pages). = 2000pages of text. Sorting and classifying becomes an unwieldy task Tell you about some of the basic principles underlying qualitative research Go and read the theory yourself. See reading list.

3 Tasks involved Defining concepts
Mapping the range, nature and dynamics of phenomena Creating typologies Finding associations Seeking explanations Developing new ideas, theories or strategies [Ritchie and Spencer (1994)] Hand out (Ritchie and Spencer page 176) For applied policy research: Defining concepts: understanding internal structures Mapping the range, nature and dynamics of phenomena Creating typologies : categorizing different types of attitudes, behaviours, motivations Finding associations: between experiences and attitudes, between attitudes and behaviours, between circumstances and motivations Seeking explanations: explicit or implicit Developing new ideas, theories or strategies

4 Coding Recording your judgement about how chunks of your document are related to an idea, theme, or category Various types: creative: tentative ideas or thinking aloud descriptive: storing and sorting data citation: to identify illustrative quotes

5 How can CAQDAS help? Helps you to:
manage data (especially large quantities) classify your data stay close to your data interrogate the data Visually display

6 What does the acronym ATLAS.ti stand for?
“Archiv fuer Technik, Lebenswelt und Alltagssprache“ Translated: archive for "technology, the life world and everyday language“ The extension "ti" (pronounced TEE EYE) stands for “text interpretation” Project ATLAS ( ) of Technical University of Berlin Is the "birthplace" of a first prototype of the software

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