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About store The Project - Phase I StORe StORe StORe stands for: Source-to-Output Repositories.

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1 About store The Project - Phase I StORe StORe StORe stands for: Source-to-Output Repositories. StORe is a customisation and rewrite of the ELATED open source software. ELATED is an application that was designed to operate on top of the Fedora repository system (see ELATED provides a simple user interface and set of functionality that allows Fedora to be used as the back-end to a general-purpose digital assets management system.


3 ELATED allows all users to browse collections with public visibility. Once logged in, users have the ability to create and manage their own public or private collections. ELATED also allows for shared - or collaborative - collections to which multiple users my contribute. Collaborative collections contain a simple workflow system that allows editors to monitor and approve of submissions. ELATED is based on Fedora 2.1.1.


5 Store enhances the 3rd party libraries in Elated: Apache Struts Apache Lucene * UPDATED Apache Commons, Apache Ant Apache Axis, Apache ECS, Apache Log4J, Apache Poi, Apache Oro, Apache Xerces Fedora Client libraries ( * UPDATED HttpUnit ( Sun's Jimi ( JUnit (Test Suite: MySqlConnector/J ( * UPDATED PDFBox (PDF parser: Tidy (HTML parsing/manipulation: Jena (RDF parser/manipulation: ICU Project (Unicode libraries: Athens Client (Eduserv athens: * NEW OAI Harvest (OAI-PMH: * NEW



8 StORe enhanced ELATED by providing each user with a set of pre- defined source and output collaborations. UKDA LSEUKDA LSE For illustration, a source collection was represented by the UKDA institution and an output collection by the LSE institution.UKDALSE A researcher may contribute their work to both collections, wherein a link is maintained between a publication within the output collection and any data it may produce within the source collection. StORe was based on Fedora 2.1.1.

9 UKDA-store UKDA-store UKDA-store is a modification and improvement of StORe which tightly integrates the source repository with the UKDA Acquisition and Deposit Systems. ESRC Society Today ESRC Society Today As such it provides an entrance for the self-depositing of data for either approval into the UKDA Preservation System or merely for safe keeping into a Self Archive. For ESRC Projects, metadata is fetched on-the-fly from the ESRC Award metadata stored at ESRC Society Today.ESRC Society Today Linking is now performed centrally within a single multi-purpose collaboration. With this approach shared collections become Projects containing items describing either source (deposit) or output (publication) data with open access to data and publications approved for self-archiving.

10 Access to private (UKDA preserved and unapproved) items is via email request points. Two new User Roles provide access to Item level (Reader) and Publication level (Publisher) as well as existing Contributor and Administrator levels. A Scheduler reminds Researchers to submit their files in time and keeps harvested ESRC Award metadata up to date. It has a much improved user interface which has Athens Login enabled (to be replaced by Shibboleth) Context Sensitive Help *Email Notification. UKDA-store is based on Fedora 2.2.2.

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