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What is citizen participation?  Set of conditions  Political nature.

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2 What is citizen participation?


4  Set of conditions  Political nature

5  Monarchy  Oligarchy  Democracy

6  The supreme power is in the hands of a monarch ( king, queen, prince, etc. ).  The power is inherited or passed down from family members and the monarch is usually in power for life.

7  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



10  The people govern by voting  Rule by the people


12 Direct Democracy Representative Democracy

13  United State of America

14  A form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique ; government by the few  A state or organization so ruled  The persons or class so ruling


16 Algeria Iraq Syria

17  The political regime is set of forms and methods of political power.  There are over 200 countries in the world-each has their own government.  Governments manage themselves based on own orders.


19 1-) In Which regimes the government is ruled by a king or queen? A-) Monarchy B-) Oligarchy

20 A-) Monarchy

21 2-) In which democracy, citizens elect others to serve for them in government A-) Direct B-) Representative

22 B-) Representative

23 3-) In which regime, do citizens vote to elect their leaders? A-) Democracy B-)Monarchy

24 A-) Democracy

25  Power belongs to people in countries ruled by Oligarchy


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