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ESDS Qualidata: Qualitative Data Preparation and Use John Southall ESDS 26 November 2003.

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1 ESDS Qualidata: Qualitative Data Preparation and Use John Southall ESDS 26 November 2003

2 ESDS Qualidata provides access and support for a range of qualitative datasets, and is hosted by the UK Data Archive the work builds on Qualidata's expertise and international reputation in this area, developed over the past eight years

3 ESDS Qualidata

4 Qualitative data collections Data from National Research Council (ESRC) individual and programme research grant awards Data from classic social science studies Other funders/sources Focus on DIGITAL Collections, but also facilitate paper-based archiving

5 Types of qualitative data Diverse data types: in-depth interviews ; semi- structured interviews; focus groups; oral histories; mixed methods data; open-ended survey questions; case notes/records of meetings; diaries/ research diaries Multi-media: audio, video, photos and text (most common is interview transcriptions) Formats: digital, paper, analogue audio-visual Data structures - differ across different document types

6 Classic datasets Peter Townsend – Poverty, old age and Katherine Buildings Paul Thompson – oral history and Edwardians Ray Pahl –Hertfordshire Villages studies National Social Policy and Social Change Archive

7 Diverse uses for existing data Enrich context description How was it really done documentation of methods –Team discussions about coding –What, exactly, is semi-structured? Augment data you collect –Historical comparative case –Expand sample size Datasets for teaching

8 Good archiving = good research Thorough documentation Well organised and labelled files Major stages of research recorded Consent, copyright and related issues clarified

9 Characteristics of a good archived research collection Intellectual content Extensive raw data created Supporting documentation Consent Transcription Identifiers removed Listing

10 Intellectual content Builds on previous research Addresses new issues Innovative approach to discipline Innovative approach to qualitative methodology

11 Extensive raw data Types of research data assembled –In-depth interviews –Focus groups –Field notes / participant observation –Case study notes Images and sound recordings Range of material – broad focus

12 Supporting Documentation Examples –Funding application –Description of methodology –Communication with informants on confidentiality –Coding schemes / themes –Technical details of equipment –Interview schedules –End of award report –Documentation from CAQDAS software packages, e.g., analytical memos –Bibliographies, resulting publications Anything that adds insight or aids understanding and secondary usage

13 Consent in Qualitative Research Obtained Clear and coherent - Examples Reflects needs and views of all Supports archiving and re-use Consent that works in practice

14 Transcribing Research 1 Integrated into the ongoing research Full transcriptions or summaries Avoid stockpiling Costs and Benefits –Self transcription –Internal team transcription –External transcription

15 Transcribing Research 2 Budget –estimated number of interviews x 4 hours x 60 minute tape x hourly salary Examples of good and bad Full transcriptions –Consistent layout –Speaker tags –Line breaks –Header with identifier / other details –Checked for errors

16 Identifiers removed Confidentiality respected Anonymisation? Problems of anonymisation –Applied too weakly –Applied to strongly –Timing –Potential for distortion –Examples User undertakings Appropriate and sympathetic

17 Listing Research Contents Key elements –General –Specific to project Template approach Point of entry

18 Conclusion: Archivable Research Electronic Dissemination Suitable formats for use and preservation Problems of preparation –Cleaning up research –Repairing minor errors –User expectations Meeting users needs

19 Exploring qualitative data Topic: Health inequalities ESDS Qualidata | Introduction

20 Supplemental slides Emergency screen dumps!

21 ESDS Qualidata: key activities enhanced user guides and digital samplers exemplars and case studies of re-use online access to qualitative data user support and training activities to support secondary analysis of qualitative data

22 Enhanced user guides and digital samplers providing a better understanding of the study and research methods enhanced users guides – detailed notes on study methodology and re-use; behind the scenes interviews with depositors; FAQs thematic pages – combining interviews digital samplers of classic sociology collections

23 Exemplars and case studies of re-use providing guidance on data resources and how to re-use them overview of ways of re-using data case studies of re-use including reflections and commentary full bibliography of re-use articles online packaged training resources user support and training programme

24 Online access to qualitative data new emphasis on providing direct access to collection content –supports more powerful resource discovery –greater scope for searching and browsing content of data (supplementary to higher level study-related metadata) –since users can search and explore content directly… can retrieve data immediately providing access to qualitative data via common interface (Edwardians Online) supporting tools for searching, retrieval, and analysis across different datasets

25 Qualidata Online: Edwardians Online – Phase I Creation of a digital multimedia resource that integrates a wealth of existing primary and secondary materials: a catalogue of 444 interview summaries 5 full electronic interview transcripts thematic browsing of interview transcripts a collection of digital sound clips a set of contextual images of Edwardian life background information and press reviews on the original Paul Thompson study details of publications based upon secondary studies of the collection an account of the digitization methodology

26 Qualidata Online

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