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How to be Ingenious Jamie Young.

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1 How to be Ingenious Jamie Young


3 Photo: NASA, scanned by John Fongheiser,



6 Scratching himself with a revolver with an overly sensitive trigger, M. Edouard B. removed the tip of his nose in the Vivienne precinct house. Scheid, of Dunkirk, fired three times at his wife. Since he missed every shot, he decided to aim at his mother-in-law, and connected. To die like Joan of Arc! cried Terbaud from the top of a pyre made of his furniture. The firemen of Saint-Ouen stifled his ambition. Three of Félix Fénéons faits-divers –


8 Out of their perception of financial inadequacy [resource constrained teams will] anticipate low performance from the outset, blame the organization for failing to provide the financial resources for getting the job done, regard the project as largely ill-fated, and will thus tend to disengage from the task given. Hoegl, M., Gibbert, M., Mazursky, D., 2008, Financial constraints in innovation projects: When is less more?

9 1.Bounded creativity; teams who favour thinking inside the box in order to generate creative ideas will more naturally thrive within constrained environments 2.Leveraging domain-relevant skills; diverse teams whose members are able to transfer knowledge from one domain into a seemingly- unrelated one 3.Engaging project objective; a clear and exciting goal becomes essential under constrained resources giving team members a sense of being on a mission 4.Team cohesion; members must feel we are in this together, and want to remain with the team 5.Team potency; a can-do attitude, or the teams self-assessment of their ability to perform, encourages more commitment, effort and persistence Adapted from Hoegl, M. et al., 2008, Financial constraints in innovation projects: When is less more?

10 You look in the fridge, what have you got? Its not quite perfect Ill make something up based on what I've previously done. It wont be quite right, Ill mix in ingredients that arent recommended, or arent in the recipe or I dont even have a recipe, Ill just use my previous experience. Neil Mullarkey, Comedy Store Players, quoted in Young, J., 2011., How to be Ingenious


12 How to be Ingenious Jamie Young

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