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Safe use of Infusion Devices Claire Totoni Clinical Trainer.

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1 Safe use of Infusion Devices Claire Totoni Clinical Trainer

2 Objectives: Ensure best practise right from the start Greater understanding of reasons behind what you are doing Increased awareness of problems with infusion devices Increased competence in using devices after practical session tomorrow.

3 Before you start: Ensure you know guidelines in place in the trust you are working in Guidelines based on recommendations from MHRA (DEVICES Bulletin 2009), RCN (Standards for Infusion Therapy), EPIC (Infection Control), NPSA (Safe administration of injectable medication) 5 pump checks: Asset number, on stand, plugged in, clean, intact

4 Starting Infusions: Ensure you have checked the prescription and fluid with somebody Ensure you document everything you see and do (what time set up, what rate, what fluid, canula site – what does it look like, where is it, when is it due to be changed? Check the pump, infusion site, rate and patient hourly and document what you do /see, fill in fluid balance charts

5 On going checks: Pressure / resistance along with VIP score Above and below canula site How patient is responding to therapy

6 Problems! Spot the mistake:

7 Wrong set into wrong pump! Incorrect syringe confirmation Free Flow Backflow Inaccurate drug administration (purge, correct rate, post occlusion bolus) What if the pump has a problem? (SUI, MHRA etc)

8 Do you feel… Confident you will be able to practise safely? You have an understanding as to why its important to document everything? You understand the rationale behind what you are doing? More competent to administer infusions with devices?

9 Questions?

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