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Interview Preparation: How to Be Ready Emma Robinson Careers Coach.

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1 Interview Preparation: How to Be Ready Emma Robinson Careers Coach

2 Today we will cover… Interview preparation Short video Activity, RUSH (planning for an interview) How to research an employer Types of questions to prepare for Useful resources How to access the Careers & Employment Centre


4 Types of interviews you could expect… One-one Panel Telephone Assessment Centre

5 Failure to prepare is preparing to fail! What sorts of things should you do in preparation for an interview Discuss: 3 minutes…

6 advice/general-advice/interview-tips.aspx

7 Exercise: Interview RUSH! Monday at 9am you get an email offering you a telephone interview for your DREAM JOB. The telephone interview is on Thursday at lunchtime. You have only 3 ½ days for preparation! TASK: Which interview preparation tasks can you fit in? In what order? 5-10 mins, then feedback

8 What do employers want to know about you? A. Can you do the job B. Will you do the job? C. Will you fit in?

9 Types of Questions to prepare for Company/ Job Specific - UNDERSTAND THEM Why do you want this job? What do you know about us? Biographical/About YOU - KNOW YOURSELF/CV/APPLICATION Strengths & weaknesses/ experience/future direction/CV/experience Technical Questions - KNOW YOUR SUBJECT Chemical processes/dissertation/understanding of psychological theory Surprise/Challenging Questions - ANTICAPATE CHALLENGES Salary/gaps in CV/too much or too little experience/what animal/biscuit?! Scenario Questions - KEEP CALM/LOGICAL/PROTOCOL & BASICS? You are working in a lab when…what would you do Competency Based - PREPARE EXAMPLES (USE CAR/STAR) Tell me about a time when you worked well in a team …

10 How do you research a company – where do you look (websites, resources, people, more….)? Share with the person next to you (3 minutes)

11 Read publications, newsletters or blogs for in-depth information and analysis on the health of the sector as a whole, as well as for snippets of news or gossip. Find out all you can about the main players, current threats or opportunities, which companies are doing well, and so on. This knowledge will help you ask thoughtful questions at interviews and shows your interest in working in the sector The Guardian January 2012

12 Research should be a large part of your preparation GlaxoSmithKline-EI_IE3477.11,26.htm GlaxoSmithKline-EI_IE3477.11,26.htm y=GSK&filter[type]=post y=GSK&filter[type]=post research/glaxosmithkline-insights research/glaxosmithkline-insights

13 Summary: how to prepare for an interview 1.Preparation time-line 2.Anticipate questions – use job spec 3.Mind map examples of relevant competencies 4.Know them! RESEARCH 5.Know your application 6.Know your discipline if you are expecting a technical interview 7.Mock interview/digital camera 8.Prepare logistical details – journey/outfit 9.Think of some original questions to ask 10.Be well rested and calm

14 CVs_and_interviews/Interviews/Types_of_interview/p! CVs_and_interviews/Interviews/Types_of_interview/p!egFlLd Some useful websites…

15 Help from the Careers Centre More careers workshops on campus Drop-in 12-4pm Mon, Wed, Thur & Frid in the Careers Centre & 2pm- 7pm Tuesdays Mock interview practice Talent Bank – vacancies, work experience DVDs on all aspects of recruitment process Careers Information Library E-guidance e-mail:

16 Any questions? Next week: Nail that Job: Selling Your Skills at Interview (an opportunity for you to practise answering competency questions using STAR) Emma Robinson

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