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Nef (the new economics foundation) Co-production: turning public services inside out.

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1 nef (the new economics foundation) Co-production: turning public services inside out

2 nef (the new economics foundation) The strange influence of Chicago Patrol cars Communities Relationships

3 nef (the new economics foundation) Defining Co-Production Co-production means delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours. Where activities are co-produced in this way, both services and neighbourhoods become far more effective agents of change.

4 nef (the new economics foundation) 1. Building on peoples existing capabilities: altering the delivery model of public services from a deficit approach to one that provides opportunities to recognise and grow peoples capabilities and actively support them to put them to use at an individual and community level. 2. Reciprocity and mutuality: offering people a range of incentives to engage which enable us to work in reciprocal relationships with professionals and with each other, where there are mutual responsibilities and expectations. 3. Peer support networks: engaging peer and personal networks alongside professionals as the best way of transferring knowledge. Elements of co-production

5 nef (the new economics foundation) Elements of co-production 4. Blurring distinctions: removing the boundaries between professionals and recipients, and between producers and consumers of services, by reconfiguring the way services are developed and delivered. 5. Facilitating a service: enabling public service agencies to become catalysts and facilitators rather than central providers themselves. 6. Assets: transforming the perception of people from passive recipients of services and burdens on the system into one where they are equal partners in designing and delivering services.

6 nef (the new economics foundation) Why is co-production a catalyst for change? It turns everyday people from burdens into the single greatest asset the state has It can help build better, more effective public services It can link people together at a local level, strengthening our social networks

7 nef (the new economics foundation) Once you start to think about the assets people have, small changes in practice can lead to enormous changes in impact.

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