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Freedom For A Creative Curriculum Creative Partnerships Jean Clark & Carol Ducker.

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1 Freedom For A Creative Curriculum Creative Partnerships Jean Clark & Carol Ducker

2 What is partnership? Oxford Brookes University and its Partnership Schools are committed to the highest quality preparation and mentoring of trainees that leads to successful NQTs entering the teaching profession.

3 This Partnership involves……. The university providing high quality teaching to support trainees work in school; The school being a strong teaching and learning community in which trainees are encouraged to develop to their full potential.

4 … and jointly being involved in Interviewing; Seminars for trainees both in schools and in the University in areas of personal expertise; Developing Course content in line with current educational best practice; Opportunities for CPD.

5 Future Members of our Profession; what mentors say about our trainees A joy to work with Enthusiastic and hardworking A pleasure to have in the classroom An absolute pleasure to work with Creative and innovative ideas Willing to take risks Excellent participation in all areas of school life. The children are so motivated….

6 What trainees say about our partnership schools and mentors Being supported by qualified experts to reach my goal, Being given the freedom to find myself as a teacher, Being allowed to learn from my mistakes, The encouragement and support to become the best teacher possible, Someone recognising my strengths, People seeing my potential and helping me reach it, Links for the future.

7 Are you a valley person or a mountain person?

8 A Valley person will often say that a draw is a good result Theres nothing wrong with this if you are content being a valley person. No risk means less chance of a mistake.

9 A mountain person climbs a mountain so that next time they can climb a bigger one. Without risk there is no progress.

10 ITE Programmes PGCE Primary (260 students) –1 year BA PTE (270 students) – 3 year Work Based (100 students) – 4 year

11 Key features of our Programmes Foster students independence, encourage autonomy for learning and responsibility for personal and professional development; Reflecting on and recognising own learning in order to gain an insight and understanding into factors affecting childrens learning; Encourage, enhance and facilitate creativity to implement within classroom practice.

12 Key features of our Programmes Training to become reflective and researching teachers – using current educational initiatives to improve own practice; Providing knowledge, understanding and skills with regards to continuing professional development.

13 Pattern of placements Please refer to your School Experience Placements Handout……

14 New initiatives PG – SE1 and 2 BA yr 1 – Serial days Creative /alternative placements

15 BA Year 1 Revalidation Year 1 – Learning - Serial Placements – theory alongside practice Year 2 – Curriculum – Knowledge and Understanding Year 3 – Becoming a Professional

16 BA Yr 1 Serial Days Autumn and Spring Term- five days in each term. Summer term – 5 weeks. Linked to Child Development and Exploring Modules. Reflecting on the links between theory and practice. Flexible, non –assessed and opportunity to gain knowledge of the school.

17 BA Yr 1 students What do our Year 1 trainees have to say about their experience?

18 Creative/Alternative Placements Take One Picture Pilot study Future placements Learning Outside of The Classroom (LOTC) National Gallery, Ashmolean

19 Creative/Alternative Placements Learning Outside of The Classroom (LOTC) Website link National Gallery, Website link Ashmolean Website link

20 Positives of having trainees Packages – inset etc Primary CPD etc HELEN WILSON

21 Freedom For A Creative Curriculum Creative Partnerships Jean Clark & Carol Ducker

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