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Musical Instruments.

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1 Musical Instruments

2 The Woodwind Family Which Includes…
Wind Instruments And Reed Instruments Are all woodwind instruments made out of wood?....

3 A. Wind instruments The player blows air over a hole in the side of the instrument. The air vibrates, which causes sound. Flute Piccolo

4 The Flute

5 The Piccolo

6 B. Reed Instruments The player blows air across a reed, which vibrates, creating the sound. Clarinet Bass Clarinet Oboe Bassoon Saxophone family

7 The Clarinet

8 The Bass Clarinet

9 Click here to make your own reed out of a straw!
The Oboe Double reed Click here to make your own reed out of a straw!

10 The Bassoon

11 The Saxophone Family Single Reed Instruments

12 2. The Brass Family The player’s lips vibrate in the mouthpiece, creating sound. Trumpet Trombone French Horn Tuba

13 The Trumpet

14 The Trombone

15 The French Horn

16 The Tuba

17 3. The String Family The player pulls a bow across a string or plucks the string to create sound. Violin Viola Cello Bass Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar

18  Click Here for Sound Clip
The Violin  Click Here for Sound Clip

19 The Viola

20 The Cello

21 The Bass (Double Bass)

22 The String Section

23 Acoustic Guitar Click Here

24 Electric Guitar Click Here

25 4. Percussion Instruments
Instrument is struck with a mallet or the hand to create sound.

26 Try this at home! Click Here to explore more instruments and instrument sounds!

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