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The Internet Information Systems, Intermediate 2.

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1 The Internet Information Systems, Intermediate 2

2 Intermediate 2 Two sets of notes Notes on the Internet Notes on creating a website

3 Notes on the Internet Notes on the Internet deal with Internet services Communication hardware Protocols Internet operations Browser facilities Using the Internet

4 Internet services List of Internet services: World Wide Web (WWW) E-mail Conferencing and newsgroups File transfer and file updating Chat/instant message

5 Communications hardware Server-side hardware consists of: Computers Disk drives Communication links Multiplexor Hubs Switches Routers Gateways Bridges

6 Protocols Internet transmission protocols TCP/IP IP addresses Internet service protocols HTTP FTP POP/SMTP

7 Internet operations Bandwidth Packets TCP/IP IP address Routing Bandwidth

8 Browser facilities Browser software has a number of navigation tools to help the user move through the Internet: Address bar Home button Forward and back buttons Favourites folder History folder

9 Using the Internet Browser software Search engines Advanced search Boolean and domain searches Virus protection

10 Notes on creating a website Authoring and browsing Main web-authoring tools Use Microsoft Word to create web page/site Student exercise Use any web-authoring software Outcome 2 and checklist

11 Authoring tools Icon based Web tools Hyperlink tool Scripting tools Save as web page

12 Website map Hyper linking Create a web page My Home Page My InterestsMy Favourite TV

13 Web page features Colour Background colour Hyperlinking WWW hyperlinks Add graphics Headings styles Tables Need for tables

14 Web page referencing Absolute Relative Problems with absolute referencing

15 Graphic compression Bit-mapped graphic jpeg Need for compression

16 Use of tables Create table with menu Create airline database Change rows and columns Change borders

17 UK website Create UK website Add graphics and text United Kingdom EnglandScotlandWales

18 Outcome 2 1. Decide upon a title for your home page. 2.Decide upon the titles of all the other web pages. 3. Draw a site map of your intended website. 4.Create a new directory which will allow you to store your website. 5.Create a sub-directory called Files, which will be used to save downloaded images and text. 6. Use the Internet to gather resources such as the graphics, sound and music. Store these resources in the Files directory. 7. Create the website. 8. Use Heading styles. 9. Use Table structures. 10.Obtain a hardcopy printout or screenshot of your website. This will be used as evidence for Outcome 2.

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