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24.6 Predicting the Weather

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1 24.6 Predicting the Weather

2 Weather Forecasting Meteorologist – scientist who studies the weather. Meteorology – study of the Earth’s atmosphere

3 Doppler radar Radio waves are bounced off particles of precipitation to track speed and path of storms.

4 Weather stations & satelites
Stations – collect data such as temp., precipitation, wind speed, and direction, pressure, humidity Satelites – In orbit, collect: cloud cover, humidity, temp, and wind speed

5 High Speed Computers Help compile data to make short term and long term forecasts. Short term – 12 hrs. – 3 days usually very accurate Long term – 7-12 days Good Luck!!!!!

6 Weather Maps

7 Weather Maps Use symbols to show fronts, pressure, precipitation, cloud cover. Also gives temps. and other local conditions

8 Symbols

9 Isobars Lines that connect points of equal pressure.

10 Isotherms Lines that connect points of equal temperature.


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