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Decide on the style that best suites your presentation, Blue background for on-screen and 35 mm slides or White background for OHP transparencies and printed documents. Open the Work template in the colour you decided on (Blue_Work or White_Work). This file contains the basic structure slides with which to start building your presentation. Save your file. Open the Slides template in the same colour style (Blue_Slides or White_Slides). This template contains an overview of all the slides types available. Select the slide types you require and Copy them. Go to Slide Sorter View of your new presentation (the Work template), and Paste the slides into position. Whilst building your presentation you can add slides as required using this method. Placeholder slide To be used at the beginning and end of presentations or during breaks. This slide remains on screen while the audience is settling and the speaker is being introduced.

2 New Technologies in the Fire World Use of robots in support of Fire & Rescue Operations:- Project G.H.O.S.T Title slide with image A Title slide must be used in all QinetiQ presentations. Try to make the Title of your presentation engaging. Keep the presentation Title brief using a maximum of 2 lines. When using a 2 line presentation Title, reduce the font size by 10 points to 44 points. All titles should have the first letter uppercase (capital) and the rest in lowercase. The only font that should be used in the presentation is TheSans Q5 Plain. All text should be left aligned, other than titles in diagrams and tables. A web reference can be added to this slide. If you are doing a dual branded presentation, insert the logo of the other company in the box provided. Title page image An interesting image that is appropriate to your presentation should be added to this slide as shown. When choosing your image make sure you select one that suits landscape and when cropped does not loose its meaning. Use the Crop tool from the picture toolbar to Crop you image to fit. Presentation by Mr Kenneth Pink MBE, C Eng, C Mar Eng, M IMechE, M IMarEST. A IExpE

3 Pictures taken from the Web : Copyright Acknowledge
Fire Fighting robots from around the world Fire Fighting Robots are not new and many Fire and Rescue Services around the world have experimented with their use. Fire Fighting Robots appear In two distinct sizes:- Small enough to pass through a normal doorway and VERY BIG!! The common thing about them is they are always expensive and need high operator skill levels to get the best out of the them. Pictures taken from the Web : Copyright Acknowledge

4 Pictures taken from the Web : Copyright Acknowledge
Fire Fighting robots from around the world Pictures taken from the Web : Copyright Acknowledge

5 Pictures taken from the Web : Copyright Acknowledge
Fire Fighting robots from around the world Pictures taken from the Web : Copyright Acknowledge

Project GHOST :- TEAM HISTORY WHEELBARROW Mk.1, 1972 QinetiQ was formed from the UK MoD Defence Research laboratories (DERA). The “Land Division” of QinetiQ has been the design authority for bomb disposal vehicles since their inception in Many of the responding engineers that form up the GHOST teams have worked alongside the bomb disposal crews in places such as Northern Ireland, Bosnia, and other war zones gaining hands on experience of using robotic equipment in hazardous situations. GHOST teams DO NOT DO BOMB DISPOSAL 6 6

7 Gas cylinder & HO:- Hazardous Operations Support Team
Project GHOST is QinetiQ’s 24-7 Blue light response SERVICE on call via London Fire Brigade to support UK emergency services and government agencies by the use of Remote Controlled Vehicles. The team is made up of scientists and engineers who volunteer their time.

Portable (40kg), highly mobile, fast and manoeuvrable. Robust and reliable, 3 Colour cameras with both white and IR tactical lighting Thermal Imager on PT mast. COFDM digital radio control and video at >800m 1.2m reach arm with gripper, 5kg lift capability Two way talk back between ROV and operator Can climb stairs, kerbs and grass slopes Will operate for over 3 hours on one battery charge Fully integrated portable control desk allowing limited operations in underground situations / buildings.

GHOST TALON is fitted with calibrated thermal imager and facility to undertake wetting tests It can also be fitted with CBRN sensors and relay data back to command vehicle.

The HAZMAT version of Talon can carry a number of sensors Our G.H.O.S.T Talon is fitted with a Zellwegger Gas monitor This alerts on detection of flammable atmospheres, low oxygen levels, detection of ammonia and chlorine. Future fits include a RADOS radiation survey monitor and a Smiths Chem/bio monitor.

Respirex - Containment Bag for contaminated robot A Home Office approved supplier of body bags for CBRN operations has produced the worlds first? fully certificated Body Bag for a contaminated robot.

12 BISON Remote Controlled Vehicle
Project :- G.H.O.S.T. BISON Remote Controlled Vehicle BISON RCV. Fitted with:- High Reach Arm. HYDRAULIC CUTTER, TIC, 4 Colour Cameras, COFDM Digital Video, Fibre Link for Tunnel Ops. Tools Include:- 4” Disc Cutter/Grinder Electric Drill & Hole Saw Drop Nose Anchor system Can Haul a 100Kg Load Can haul fire hose and support fire fighting branch. Bison is used for gaining access, door opening, window smashing, lock cutting etc

13 Project :- G.H.O.S.T. OPERATIONS
Bison RCV:- Gaining Access to a van containing gas cylinders This task was completed by the BISON robot under the control of an operator located over 200mtrs away from the vehicle.

These two RCVs work is pairs, the control room layout enables the pictures from each robot to be displayed together allowing their operators to see the views from the other. This gives the 3rd view necessary to give depth perception. In this clip the robots are required to open a ships ISO container which held 10 tons of fireworks. (2 tons NEQ). We’ll see what happened later!

15 BISON RCV Project :- G.H.O.S.T. BISON RCV. Fitted with:-
Special cylinder valve key Is used to shut down flaming cylinders. It has been found that some valves/regulators leak gas after being heated. Three cylinder valve blocks have been found to be loose in the cylinder after the cylinders have been involved in fire.

16 GENERAL PURPOSE ROV and mobile monitor: BLACK MAX
Can haul three fully charged lengths of fire hose. Can withstand the reaction force from the biggest fire branch running at full flow. Has 3 colour cameras and a Thermal Imager Can climb steep slopes and some stairs Has provision to carry CBRN sensor tray on rear surface. Black Max a quad bike sized RCV for outdoor operations. Proven high mobility and long endurance. Diesel Electric hybrid drive allows >6hour operation on diesel plus 1 hour silent and fume free operation on its battery pack. Can operate on unstructured ground, sand, rubble piles and bog ie a fire ground!

17 Medium weight invasive and access vehicle– BROKK 90
Based on proven Nuclear decommissioning robot Diesel. Long endurance, high mobility, Can climb some stairs. 1.4Ton robot with 100Kg lift capacity Will operate largest Holmatro hydraulic cutting tools by remote control. Will cut 4”x2” steel box! Will power and allow remote operation of hydraulic saws, cutters, grinders and door busters. Can operate impact hammers to destroy brickwork. Can haul & push heavy loads. inc vans and small lorries. Relevance to GHOST Missions Enforced access to vehicles and under arch buildings, door, wall panel and gate removal High Lift capacity to remove obstructions to allow smaller ROVs to gain access. Use as remote fire monitor providing sustained cylinder cooling and water spraying function. Clearing away debris, moving 40 gallon oil drums, gas cylinders. Deploying very high pressure water cutting and water injections systems. Target vehicle removal away from high value assets by pushing or hauling. Future use in conjunction with blast containment system, (fixed and mobile).

18 Industrial Robots – BROKK90
BROKK90 medium weight demolition RCV:- Brokk90 Used to remove doors The GHOST BROKK has been specially modified to operate on either Diesel or AC power. The BROKK is fitted with large Holmatro cutters to cut through hinges or chassis sections under remote control from a safe distance. The persons in this video are part of the assessment team during an experimental trial and would not be present at a incident.

19 Industrial Robots – BROKK90
BROKK90 medium weight demolition RCV:- Brokk90 Moving Van

20 Industrial Robots – BROKK90
BROKK90 medium weight demolition RCV:- Moving full weight gas cylinder as part of experimental trial. While cylinders can not be moved due to their weight and potential hazard Using RCVs to move cylinders MIGHT be acceptable. This allows the hazard to be moved away from rail lines and road links opening this up earlier than would normally be the case. The Brokk can move the largest gas cylinders used in the UK. (98kg). Video shows a training exercise.

21 BISON RCV Project :- G.H.O.S.T. 10 tons of fireworks inside
A ships steel ISO container caught fire when thieves thought it would be a good idea to cut into the back of the container using a grinder. The resulting fire and numerous explosions lasted over 4 hours! As seen the robots opened the door of the container and can now be seen applying water to suppress the fire. Brigade followed this up with a high volume ground monitor once the explosions stopped.

22 Robots used as self deploying ground monitors
300 Tons of batteries on fire in a recycling plant. Car batteries ejected by explosions! Steel framed industrial building with metal Roof. 40,000 ltrs of water used on day one most became contaminated run off. Building structure compromised and declared unsafe. Building over150mtrs long next to a carpet warehouse! All smoke from fire verified as highly toxic. Robots entered by the loading dock in end of building and commenced fire fighting operations inside the structure with zero run off, air temp over 100°C Robots stayed inside the building for four hours. In all three robots deployed into building. Incident took five days to resolve.

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