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Philip Schaenman, President Marie Thomas, Senior Scientist TriData Division, System Planning Corporation Arlington, VA 22201 Robotics for Reducing Firefighter.

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1 Philip Schaenman, President Marie Thomas, Senior Scientist TriData Division, System Planning Corporation Arlington, VA 22201 Robotics for Reducing Firefighter Injuries IFE Annual Meeting Atlanta, GA August 26, 2011

2 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Size-up Name : 510 Pacbot Producer: iRobot Funder: U.S. military Survey building interior and combustible gases Thermal imaging Easy maneuverability through narrow spaces Breaching capability (expandable toolbar with wire cutters, spade, other tools) Advanced dexterous manipulator to pick up small objects and turn doorknobs Double-wall cooling system to work in high temperatures Real-time data Potential Robotic Technology for Structural Fires

3 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Locate (find fire hot spots; find hazards) Name of robot: FFR-1 Producer: InRobot Tech Ltd. Funder: Israel Sensors for humidity, chemicals, biological detection, and radiation

4 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Access (tear down walls; breach entrances; access from outside) Name of robot: Big Dog Producer: Boston Dynamic Funder: U.S. military Carry 350 lbs. of equipment Front and rear leg attach points for balance and self-recovery High intensity lighting to navigate at night Possible Modifications: Gait modification to carry victims Climb stairs

5 Big Dog (U.S. military)

6 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Ventilation Name of robot: LUF60 Funder: Austria Ventilate area remotely Water beam fog with a hydraulically-driven PPV ventilation fan 360 o high-pressure nozzles for foam Extinguishment Name of robot: Anna Konda Producer: SINTEF Funder: Norway 20 hydraulic joints allow movement like a snake Navigates tight spaces Can travel alongside firefighter or be steered remotely Has hydraulic cylinders to deliver water with up to 1450 PSI (but low capacity)

7 Anna Konda (Norway)

8 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Search Name of robot: Firefighters Assistance Robot Producer: Hoya Robot Co. Funder: South Korea Transmit environmental data back to user Fits in palm of hand, weighs 3 lbs. Remote collection of image, sound, temperature, smoke, and gas data to help locate victims

9 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Rescue (house, building, vehicle accidents) Name of robot: HG2 Producer: Vecna Robotics Funder: U.S. military Extract and carry victims Hydraulic-based dexterous hand to extract and lift victims up to 500 lbs. outdoors/indoors, up/down stairs, and in structurally unsound buildings Long distance carrying capacity Possible Modification: Sensors to ensure that victims are removed with appropriate care

10 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Overhaul Name of robot: Dirt Dog Producer: iRobot Funder: U.S. Low-cost, commercially-available robot picks up light or heavy debris using powerful high- speed brushes 13.5 diameter, 3.5 thick, and 6.5 lbs. Smart Technology to navigate around obstacles and focus on dirty areas Newest model in the Roomba series which vacuums floor area for dust and ash Possible Modification: Capability to haul away large-sized debris

11 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Size-up Name of robot: Talon Producer: Quinetiq Funder: U.K. Rapidly transport large amounts of water and equipment Four color cameras: standard, night vision, thermal, and zoom option Lift heavy payloads such as equipment, water, and foam Transport equipment over large distances rapidly Long battery life Robotic Technology for Wildfires

12 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Locate Name of robot: Predator UAV Producer: General Atomics Funder: U.S. Locate fire sources Can fly 22,000 feet over forest fire Real-time data processing (satellite data link system) Geo-registered image for rapid mapping Two color video cameras and forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to detect hot spots through smoke and haze

13 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Contain (firebreak, clear brush) Name of robot: Logging Harvester Producer: NE Forestry University Funder: China Remove dead wood and clear brush Mechanical arm and a felling head that has clipping claws, two driving rolls, two measuring rolls, delimbing knives, chain saw to remove brush and create firebreak Flexible felling head with 10 degrees of freedom to remove all types of brush- manipulator rotation, inner boom rising and falling, outerboom extending and retracting, felling head pitching, felling head rotation, clipping claws opening and closing, driving roll rotation opening and closing, chain saw cutting and swinging Can remove dead wood that has a diameter of up to 30cm and remove brush from 4 -10.5m around itself

14 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Search Name of robot: CRASAR Producer: University of FL Funder: U.S. Locates victims that are inaccessible or difficult to see Mother robot can deploy baby robots to expand search and access hidden areas Omnidirectional and IR cameras (thermal and imaging) for locating victim Two-way audio for rescue worker located remotely to communicate with victim

15 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Rescue Name of robot: M2 Producer: Sandia National Labs Funder: U.S. military Extracts victims with manipulator arm 5-foot, 600-lb. robot rolls on treads around obstacles Tethered with control of arms that extend 6 meters out and lifts 8 meters high Capability to use tools such as pipe shears, saw, wrench, plasma torch, water jet Dexterous to reach into awkward places and apply force to drills and screwdrivers Auditory and 20-camera visual capabilities Possible Modifications: Optimize to extract victims instead of dismantling bombs Change remote deployment tools to rescue- based hand tools Reduction of weight for mobility

16 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Extinguish Name of robot: RMP400 Producer: Segway Robotics Funder: Israel Four-wheeled, 240 lbs. robotic platform originally designed for riot crowd control Rapid speed (travels 18 mph) Water cannon fires 10 gps Can removes rubble to create firebreaks

17 Name/Producer/FunderDescription Mop-up Name of robot: OLE Producer: University of Magdeburg- Stendal Funder: Germany Locate hot spots Fire-resistant ceramic-fiber coating that can withstand up to1850oF Speed of 10-20 kph and equipped with GPS Visual and auditory capabilities so user controller can observe pockets of fire Disperses water and foam Infrared and heat biosensors to detect fire sources

18 Time for IFE to play more active role in development of robotics for the fire service?

19 For Copy of Article Contact Philip Schaenman at: or (703) 351-8300 or go to and search for Robotics for Reducing Firefighter Injuries

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