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The Great War The War to End All Wars Europe’s War (at 1st)

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2 The Great War The War to End All Wars Europe’s War (at 1st)

3 WWI would last from 1914 – 1919 9 million civilians and soldiers would die

4 Militarism 1. The buildup of a country’s army or navy

5 Countries wanted the strongest army & navy For example: Germany

6 1890 Kaiser William II I want to prove Germany’s strength!

7 Kaiser William II’s militaristic qualities may have developed because of his crippled left arm.

8 He may have become a warrior to prove himself equal to his grandfather, William I.

9 Germany started building a strong navy What would other countries do in response to Germany’s actions?

10 Great Britain enlarged its Navy & sought allies

11 Alliances Mutual defense treaties 2.

12 Triple Entente (Allies): GB, France, & Russia There were Ententes (Friendly understandings)

13 Triple Alliance (Central Powers): Germany, Austria- Hungary, & Ottoman Empire

14 Is there a problem making alliances with other countries?

15 Because of these alliances, a war with ANY 2 would bring ALL of Europe to war!

16 Imperialism Competition for colonies to increase political and economic power. 3.

17 Nationalism 4. Pride and love for one’s country or people

18 Ethnic groups were divided up by borders. Ex: Serbia – Slavic Bosnia – Slavic Russia – Slavic

19 The spark that started WWI... The assassination of Franz Ferdinand

20 Visiting the Capital of Bosnia: Sarajevo: Heir to throne in Austria- Hungary Sophie

21 Bosnia was controlled by Austria

22 But most Bosnians were Serbs who wanted to be part of Serbia…NOT A-H Sarajevo



25 June 28, 1914 Both killed by Gavrilo Princip, member of the Black Hand, a secret society of Slavic extremists

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