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Carol C. Kuhlthau Rutgers University Keynote Address

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1 From Information to Meaning: Confronting the Challenges of the 21st Century
Carol C. Kuhlthau Rutgers University Keynote Address I3 Conference 2007

2 Links between Information Behavior Information Impact
Information Literacy

3 Information Behavior Models of information seeking
Information use environments Relevance Sensemaking Everyday life information seeking

4 Information Behavior Concepts
Browsing Scanning Selecting Extracting Berry picking Pathways

5 Dimensions of information seeking from the users perspective
Affective (feeling) Cognitive (thinking) Physical (acting)

6 Model of the Information Search Process
Tasks Initiation Selection Exploration Formulation Collection Presentation Feelings uncertainly optimism confusion clarity sense of satisfaction or (affective) frustration direction/ disappointment doubt confidence Thoughts vague →focused (cognitive) → increased interest Actions seeking relevant information →seeking pertinent information (physical) exploring documenting

7 Uncertainty Principle
Uncertainty is a cognitive state which commonly causes affective symptoms of anxiety and lack of confidence. Uncertainty and anxiety can be expected in the early stages of the information search process.

8 Uncertainty Principle
The affective symptoms of uncertainty, confusion, and frustration are associated with vague, unclear thoughts about a topic or question. As knowledge states shift to more clearly focused thoughts, a parallel shift occurs in feelings of increased confidence. Uncertainty due to a lack of understanding, a gap in meaning, or a limited construction initiates the process of information seeking.

9 Uncertainty Principle
Uncertainty initiates the process of information seeking Corollary Definition Process Constructing meaning Formulation Forming a focused perspective Redundancy Encountering the expected and unexpected Mood Assuming a stance or attitude Prediction Making choices based on expectations Interest Increasing intellectual engagement

10 Information Impact Information Goals Task Complexity
Information Search Process

11 Information Impact in:
Education Tasks Work Tasks Everyday Life Tasks

12 Zone of Intervention That area in which an information user can do with advice and assistance what he or she cannot do alone or can do only with great difficulty.

13 Intervention Questions
What is enough? What is intrusive? What is helpful? What is limiting and restrictive? What is inviting and expansive?

14 Information Literacy Information literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate and use information Information literacy is at the core of what it means to be educated in the 21st century

15 Guided Inquiry Guided Inquiry immerses students in information seeking as a way of learning Guided Inquiry prepares students for active engagement with information required in all aspects of living and working in the 21st century

16 Concepts Approach to Information Literacy
Locate Library as inquiry lab for information literacy Trails and paths – browsing, monitoring, chaining, differentiating, extracting Types of searches – preliminary, exploratory, comprehensive, summary

17 Concepts Approach to Information Literacy
Evaluate Evaluating formats for reading, listening, viewing and experiencing Structure gives clues for evaluating sources Five Characteristics for evaluating sources quality, expertise, accuracy, currency and perspective

18 Bridging the Divide Confronting the challenges of the 21st century
Innovative approaches for linking information behavior, information impact and information literacy Major contributions of information field

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