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Contemporary II : DESIGN Stage 1 Lecture Contextual and Critical Studies Andrea Peach.

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1 Contemporary II : DESIGN Stage 1 Lecture Contextual and Critical Studies Andrea Peach

2 Alessandro Mendini 1978 Redesign of Modern Movement Chairs Wassily by Breuer, Italy Marcel Breuer 1925

3 Pluralism No one single architectural or design theory to be pre-eminent

4 What are increasingly produced are not material objects, but signs Roland Barthes

5 Tim Head State of the Art, 1984

6 Elevating the Ordinary Designing with Readymades Massimo Varetto Mircorservice Holder

7 Marcel Duchamp The Ready-made Marcel Duchamp Fountain 1917 the conscious decision to take an object by act of will, wrest it into another context of meaning, so that its use, its worth, its symbolic value are bleached of their associations and must all be re-assessed, fundamentally reinterpreted

8 Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Tractor Seat 1957

9 Elevating the Ordinary Environmental Responsibility Object Fetishism Wit and Humour Memory and Nostalgia

10 Elevating the Ordinary Neo-Modernism Independence and Control Sobriety and Modesty

11 Environmental Responsibility Tord Boontje tranSglass 1997

12 Environmental Responsibility Michael Marriott It would be ridiculous if everyone just kept looking for an attractive new form. It can be more interesting to look at what is already there and try to apply it in a different way.

13 Environmental Responsibility jam Robostacker Never believe a designer who says his inspiration came from the air

14 Environmental Responsibility

15 Object Fetishism Jasper Morrison The practice of seeing is a designers most vital education. Everything seen and assessed will have an influence on the way he or she designs… A World Without Words

16 Object Fetishism Jasper Morrison German railway handle Jasper Morrison FSB handle 1990

17 Object Fetishism jam Mooving Image

18 Wit and Humour Carl Clerkin Pie&Mashtray 1998

19 Wit and Humour Carl Clerkin Bucket seat 1999

20 Memory and Nostalgia Manon van Kouswijk Tablecloth 2001

21 Memory and Nostalgia Gijs Bakker Wallpaper Peepshow 1992

22 Neo-Modernism John Pawson - Minimum 1996 The minimum could be defined as the perfection that an artefact achieves when it is no longer possible to improve it by subtraction. This is the quality that an object has when every component, every detail, and every junction has been reduced or condensed to the essentials. It is the result of the omission of the inessentials.

23 Neo-Modernism Pawson House 1997 Flowers, even salt and pepper get in the way…

24 Neo-Modernism M&Co The 5 Oclock Clock 2000

25 Independence and Control Michael Marriott XL1 Kit Chair 1991

26 Independence and Control Jurgen Bey Short leg 2000

27 Sobriety and Modesty Peter van der Jagt Bottoms Up doorbell 1994

28 Sobriety and Modesty Achille Castiglioni Illuminator 1954 Never be convinced of being good It is not my ambition to leave my mark

29 Elevating the Ordinary Ingo Maurer Zettelz 1997 Creativity is less a question of inventing than of reorganising what is already there Umberto Eco

30 Elevating the Ordinary Ingo Maurer Zettelz 1997 You arrive at better design by doing less. Not everything needs to be redesigned.

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