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Welcome ACP - KNIGHTS Honors Chemistry Mrs. Lowe.

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1 Welcome ACP - KNIGHTS Honors Chemistry Mrs. Lowe


3 Why are you here?

4 So you can understand comics?

5 So you can make lots of money? justification for higher education

6 Because your parents said so?

7 So you can graduate from high school?


9 No High School Diploma High School Diploma Some College Bachelors Degree or higher Percentage who volunteer 10%22%34%46% Percentage who donate blood 6%11%13%17% Poverty rates17%7%5%2% Incarceration rates 1.9%1.2%0.3%0.1% Reporting excellent/very good health 36%55%64%78%

10 Or you happen to actually like chemistry – like me?! Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology Minor in Chemistry Chemistry is why I went to college I was paid to raise fruit flies for genetic research.


12 My Family


14 We are a team – please don’t be afraid to help me out – on occasion I do make mistakes. This is not about me – it’s about YOU. I graduated from High School, College, I’m here to help you. Please don’t be offended if I get your name wrong – I can’t remember my own kids names!

15 Syllabus What is Chemistry? Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them. Chlorine – gas will kill you Sodium – metal reacts violently with oxygen It is stored in oil. Sodium + Chlorine = Table Salt which our bodies need

16 TOPICS Nature of Chemistry Scientific Method Metric & Measurements Dimensional Analysis Matter

17 TOPICS The Structure of Matter Atomic Structure Electron Configuration Periodic Table of Elements

18 TOPICS Interactions of Matter Kinetics Thermodynamics Chemical formulas Equations Chemical reactions Bonding Molecular shapes

19 TOPICS Stoichiometry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions. (cookbook recipes) How much sodium is needed to mix with chlorine to form sodium chloride? The Mole Math of Chemical Equations 6.02x10 23 N 2 (g) + 3H 2 (g) → 2NH 3 (g) NH 3 (g) + H 2 O(l) → NH 4 OH(aq)

20 TOPICS States of Matter Gases Liquids Solids

21 TOPIC Solutions Acids Bases Salts

22 Science Fairs Students will participate in the Chandler District Science Fair. It will be part of your grade for 3 quarters.

23 Root Word/Vocabulary Quiz There will be a root word/vocabulary quiz every Friday. I give you the word, you give me the definition and an example using the root/vocab word. 10 per week (in order) per semester 2 nd semester – random choosing

24 Required Materials Keep ALL notes, homework, labs, review guides until the end of the year. The semester exams are comprehensive.

25 Grading Tests & Quizzes60% Lab & Presentations40% First Quarter = 40% Second Quarter = 40% Semester Exam = 20% Grades can be accessed online at any time

26 HOMEWORK Homework is not graded but IS EXPECTED Analogy: Homework is our practice Professional Basketball players practice 40 hours a week for a couple of games

27 HOMEWORK and EXAMS If Homework problems are like our practice sessions, then Exams are like our championship games!

28 Attendance Your grade will reflect your attendance – especially in a laboratory class. It is YOUR responsibility to get missed work.

29 Cell Phones/Electronics Must be used for classwork – other uses will result in confiscation and turning into the office No game-based systems allowed Does NOT take the place of a scientific calculator Use during an exam or lab will result in a zero

30 Reading All reading will be done outside of the classroom. It is expected that the material covered in class will be read before class and notes will be taken. This way class time can be used to clarify notes and deepen understanding.

31 Respect the Room No FOOD is allowed – it will be thrown away Water must be in a bottle with a screw on lid Nothing is stored in the desks except for the white board and eraser Do NOT write on or remove the learning goal rubric on your desk.

32 Lab Requirements NO FLIP FLOPS – School Policy Please review the school policy – Lunch detentions Close toed shoes must be worn on lab days (typically every Thursday, Friday) No Shoes No Lab No Score

33 Consequences You ALWAYS have a choice – What you CAN’T do is choose your consequences

34 Classroom Procedures Students have the right to learn and Teachers have the right to teach. Therefore, all rules will ensure that those rights are recognized.

35 Need Help? ASK

36 Signatures due FRIDAY

37 Strive for the impossible and be extraordinary Lowe’s Website

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