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The Enterprise Challenge Developing Business Awareness.

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1 The Enterprise Challenge Developing Business Awareness

2 The Enterprise Challenge Introduced in semester 2 of year 3 Not compulsory – teams invited to form themselves and register. Teams of about 6 recommended and preferably cross-disciplinary

3 The Brief The challenge is issued

4 The Challenge Teams are asked to : –Follow a process which would lead to the formation of a small business –Propose conceptual ideas for innovative products –Conduct market surveys to establish which if any of these would find a sufficient market –Design and produce a working prototype of the product by following the established design process –Develop a Business Plan –Present their proposals to Panel


6 Programme Challenge notified at start of session Brief issued end November Presentation on the Challenge to all students second week in Semester 2 and brief issued Teams to be formed and registered by end of third week Teams invited to staff facilitated guidance tutorials (weekly) Rolling programme of talks on relevant issues (weekly) Product design to be presented by End March Business Plan to be submitted by end second week in April Presentations third week in April

7 Talks Group dynamics and effective teamwork Project planning Conflict management Business planning Sources of Finance Marketing basics and surveys Business and the wider community Intellectual Property, design and patents

8 Rewards Certificate of participation incl. talks attended Certificate of Award (if gained) Substantive prizes (sponsors needed) Personal achievement Skills gains Possibility of business opportunity




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