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Plagiarism Advisory Service

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1 Plagiarism Advisory Service

2 JISC Plagiarism Advisory Service Information Management Research Institute, School of Informatics and Learning Resources Northumbria University

3 Background Phase 1 projects Emergence of cyber cheating Need for support


5 Advice and Guidance The Plagiarism Advisory Service aims to provide institutions, academics and students with generic advice and guidance on all aspects of plagiarism prevention and detection.

6 Approach Holistic Preventative Multi-disciplinary

7 3 levels Policy and procedure Teaching practice Study skills

8 Policy and procedure Raise awareness of the issues Policy guidelines Examples of best practice

9 Teaching Practice Good Practice guides Links to other resources e.g. LTSN guides Stimulate discussion

10 Study skills Develop educational material Level the playing field Increase awareness

11 The detection service Available to all JISC funded sites Centrally administered within the institution Accessible through the advisory service website


13 The procedure Institution registers Lecturer registers and sets up class and assignment Student registers and joins class Student submits paper for assignment Software checks paper for text matches Software produces originality report Lecturer views originality report

14 Originality report

15 An educational tool Can open a dialogue between academic and student Can raise awareness

16 An interactive service Existing material Identify gaps in provision Share good practice

17 Plagiarism Advisory Service

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