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Transition Questionnaire Analysis F2, Y2, Y6 Parent Feedback Overall Analysis Please note: Not all totals add up to 100% not all questions were answered.

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1 Transition Questionnaire Analysis F2, Y2, Y6 Parent Feedback Overall Analysis Please note: Not all totals add up to 100% not all questions were answered by parents, some questions were given two answers and % were rounded up/down to the nearest number

2 As a parent, I am encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school

3 I think my child is encouraged to make good progress with his/her learning.

4 The school website provides a useful link to school news and events.

5 The school has high expectations of pupils.

6 The school provides a safe environment in which to learn.

7 The teachers have been approachable to discuss any concerns I have had.

8 I am satisfied with my child’s standards of achievement to date.

9 During the last 12 months my child has told me that he/she has been bullied. (Bullying is defined as ‘deliberately hurtful behaviour repeated over time with an imbalance of power’).

10 The classrooms and other areas offer an attractive and stimulating place for the children to work in.

11 The school has been effective when dealing with my concerns as a parent.

12 The school is well thought of in the local community.

13 School leaders manage and lead the school effectively.

14 I have been made to feel welcome in the school.

15 I know who the governors of the school are.

16 The school office is friendly, welcoming and helpful.

17 The school has had good communication systems in place (paper, email, website & phone)

18 I found my child’s annual report to be informative and an accurate reflection of my child’s achievements and areas for improvement.

19 My child feels happy at Holy Trinity.

20 What have you been pleased with? Quality of teaching (including TAs) - Learning environment - Range of learning experiences - I have been pleased with my child’s progress in her first school year - My child’s overall progress - Settling into school life - My child’s progress -Mrs Walsh’s high expectations have fuelled my child’s progression and love of learning. She has created inspirational resources and a broadening classroom experience & environment - The teaching staff -Staff are kind and caring + my son feels safe and happy - My child’s progress

21 What have you been pleased with? - Communication is good - Positive feedback - Exciting Learning - My daughter is happy to go to school and is eager to learn. She never complains about going and is always positive about her day when she gets home - Improved communication - overall care of my child - Learning, teaching and allowing students to explore, be creative, enhance what ever gifts they have. - Mrs Graham! What a lovely teacher, she has made a huge difference to my child in y2 - Really pleased with the progress my child has made in maths. She has much more confidence in her ability. - I have been pleased with the individual level of challenge that each child is given - Lots of things! Parent forum, better homework, amazing marking, mixed classes, accelerated learning & expectations. - Teacher really knows my child

22 What have you been pleased with? - Classroom environment -Emphasis on children’s well being - Quality of teaching - Teachers are extremely dedicated and work very hard - My son is very happy at school - Progress, friendly, continuity - F2 classroom is a lovely place to learn. The teachers work really hard to make it inviting and exciting for the children Standard of teaching - Support & pastoral care - Progress made - Proactive Head Teacher - My daughter is happy in school - My child’s achievement

23 What could be improved? - A school trip - Supply teachers/support staff (temps not TAs) - More help for learning for the younger years - To ensure all children get equal chances at everything - Other classrooms to look like the new ones in F2! - We are happy with everything! - Photos of governors in foyer - Infant playground is poor - a longer morning and shorter afternoon i.e. make lunch later - Infant outside space - Music provision for infants (in class) - School trips

24 What could be improved? - After school activities for F2 - Club issue needs to be looked at - I found it difficult to juggle the holidays I get at work with the number of INSET days added on the the school holidays, this was unfair after so many weeks of summer. - Regarding my son’s experience I can honestly say I am delighted and wouldn’t change a thing - More notice of events - More playground staff. - Better security at the school gate, people walk through play time to get to the office. - More school trips - More forwards notice of events - Email

25 3 words to describe your child’s time so far in HHT - Happy, supportive, adaptive - Educational, fun, great - Happy, safe, enriching - Appears happy now - Happy, inspired, motivated - Friendly, learning, approachable - Messy! Happy, excited - Enjoyable, fun, learning - Enjoyable, empowering, secure - safe, happy, encouraged - happy, thriving, progressing - Happy, exciting, enjoyable - Happy, progressive, supportive - Fun, happy, safe - Fun, happy memories - Happy, stretched, welcomed - Happy, safe, encouraged - Happy, fulfilling, fun - Great, enjoyable, informative - great, fun, joyful - Happy, building confidence - Happy, fun, caring - Happy, valued, encouraged - Happy, educational, confidence - Happy, challenging, achievable - Fun, inspiring, productive

26 What message would you give to new F2/Y2/Y6 parents? - F2 has a feeling of nurturing. My child’s confidence has blossomed because of this. - Don’t store up your worries or concerns, make sure you talk to your child’s teacher straight away, they have been really helpful & understanding. - Any concerns discuss with teachers & never take your child’s comments as ad hoc. - Parent’s can be rest assured that their children’s education is in good hands - Holy Trinity is a fantastic school - You’ll love Mrs Walsh! - Don’t worry! Mrs Walsh and Miss Vickers are lovely. Your children are joining the school at a time when Holy Trinity is going from strength to strength - Enjoy!

27 What message would you give to new F2/Y2/Y6 parents? - The F2 teachers have been great and are happy to discuss concerns and child’s progress - Embrace the lovely, caring, family environment in which your child will grow in so many ways over the years. Simply Lovely! - You won’t regret your child coming here! Great school! - Nice, small school. Kids settle well here - Work together with teachers to ensure your child reaches their potential - Parents to feel reassured that their child is learning in a happy, positive learning environment - Each child is a person in the school, not just a number – the children are cared for as well as taught. They enjoy it. - If you have a problem or are unhappy – don’t use social media – go and talk to your teacher

28 What message would you give to new F2/Y2/Y6 parents? - That they will never regret putting their child at Holy Trinity - Holy Trinity is a caring and friendly place for your child to learn + grow - Holy Trinity is a happy, friendly, caring school where children can learn in a safe environment - Holy Trinity is a part of the Hoylake community and the children make friends for life - this is a rapidly improving school with a really committed and caring teaching team

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