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3 HEALTH AND SAFETY DERMATITIS OUTBREAK 2008 Safety Committee March 2008 Occupational Health involvement Safety Dept changes May 2008 and June 2008 2 RIDDOR Reportable cases 11 suspected cases HSE visit 1 st July 2008 Following awareness sessions a further 26 employees came forward




7 HEALTH AND SAFETY ACTIONS IN 2008 Get to the Root of the Problem Obtain Specialist Advice Management support Education and Awareness Policies and Procedures Risk Assessments Suitable and Sufficient Controls New OH provider

8 HEALTH AND SAFETY GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM Obtain and analyse MSDS Audit of all OH records Creation of chemical spreadsheet Interview all affected person and carried out fault tree analysis Skin questionnaires and photos taken when on shift Change management Assess COSHH assessments

9 HEALTH AND SAFETY SPECIALIST ADVICE Our in house OH nurse Occupational Health Physician Consultant Dermatologists at Ross Hall and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary HSE Occupational Hygiene Patch Testing Workplace Visits and clinic MSDS Analysis

10 HEALTH AND SAFETY EDUCATION AND AWARENESS Dermatitis training sessions in 2008 throughout organisation Skin care awareness sessions in 2008 Introduction of Dermatitis on all inductions Regular communications Dermatitis on noticeboards Increased focus of safety committee on occupational ill health issues Look for... DRYNESS, ITCHING, REDNESS...which can develop into flaking, scaling cracks, swelling and blisters

11 HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Review of all Risk Assessments COSHH Assessments Mandatory skin protection policies Specific risk assessments on affected persons

12 HEALTH AND SAFETY CONTROLS Areas where gloves are mandatory Health surveillance Skin tracker Additional hand wash stations Provision of barrier creams, moisturiser and cotton liners Removal of alcohol washes Engineering Controls Redeployment

13 HEALTH AND SAFETY PERSONAL ACCOUNT – LES PETERS Les Peters was a production operator in our Moodiesburn plant. He has been in this role since June 1990. In early 2008, Les developed a minor skin complaint and was unaware of the consequences of not reporting to his manager. By May 2008 his hands deteriorated.

14 HEALTH AND SAFETY PERSONAL ACCOUNT – LES PETERS Les was seen by our OH and then referred to the OH doctor and a Specialist. He had to wear gloves and liners but his condition deteriorated further and began affecting his feet. This resulted in Les being unable to work and impacted his personal life massively and affected his wife and children including a ruined holiday as he was embarrassed by his hands and feet and in a great deal of pain.




18 HEALTH AND SAFETY PERSONAL ACCOUNT – LES PETERS Les underwent patch testing and photo therapy and was redeployed into stores. His condition began to improve. He then successfully undertook a H&S role within Maintenance and within 6 months his condition was gone. He is a wonderful asset to Devro and has recently passed his NEBOSH certificate with distinction and is starting his diploma in January. He actively educates his fellow workers in the importance of looking after their skin. Les admits that he wishes his condition had been addressed sooner as it may have been nipped in the bud without all his pain and suffering.

19 HEALTH AND SAFETY DERMATITIS IN 2010 In 2010 we have: A new Occupation Physician led OH Provider A skin awareness campaign in May throughout both plants Intranet and notice board communications Dermatitis training for all Middle Management in October and November Responsible Persons training for three additional persons Increased awareness training for our Maintenance Dept who are deemed most at risk Additional Moisturiser stations throughout the factories

20 HEALTH AND SAFETY CURRENT POSITION We have not had another work related dermatitis since 2008 but are still actively monitoring a number of susceptible individuals. Due to increased awareness a number of employees come forward regularly with skin concerns to our OH. With advice and precautions this ensures we are proactive in dealing with the situation.

21 HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCLUSION Dermatitis remains our greatest occupational ill health risk and our biggest challenge. We must never become complacent and always be vigilant.


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