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Behavioural Change Worker Engagement Forum (BCWE) Presented by Martin Worthington - Chairman BCWE Forum - SHE Director, Morgan Ashurst HEALTH AND SAFETY.

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1 Behavioural Change Worker Engagement Forum (BCWE) Presented by Martin Worthington - Chairman BCWE Forum - SHE Director, Morgan Ashurst HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMISSION CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CONIAC)

2 Introduction Key objectives of the presentation are: Give an overview of the work being carried out by the Behavioural Change Worker Engagement forum (BCWE). Explain the purpose and objectives of the forum. Note the achievements to date. The benefits of BCWE programmes Explain how we are moving forward.

3 Overview What is the BCWE forum about? The forum evolved from the formation and involvement with various other groups such as: Worker Engagement Research Project at Caledonian University UK SHE Support Group Flagship projects such as T5 Following a number of discussions between Gordon Crick (HSE) and Martin Worthington, the forum was set up to act as a conduit to gather knowledge and best practices. The interim BCWE forum was held in autumn 2006, where the forums purpose and objectives were set and mission statement developed.

4 Our Mission BCWE Mission Statement The Behavioural Change and Worker Engagement Mission Statement To work together under a common purpose by developing a cohesive and pragmatic approach to behavioural change and worker engagement that will evolve through best practice and learning across industry with a view to changing the way we lead, plan, procure and manage work activities. With the collective goal of reducing the incidents that result in harm and personal suffering

5 The Forum As the forum moved forward with its initial objectives it became a group more organic in nature. There have been a number of organisations involved since the formation and have provided a significant input during last 18 months, including: Morgan Ashurst Laing ORourke British Nuclear Group Bovis Lendlease Kier CITB – Construction Skills Shell Carillion Mace Kelloggs HBG HSL Valuable input and support has also been provided by Gordon Crick, Louise Brearley and others from the HSE. More recently there has been interest shown from clients such as BAA and from an SME – William Hare Ltd. Involvement

6 Achievements What have we achieved so far? Carried out a comprehensive intelligence gathering exercise on each others approach to behavioural change and worker engagement. Provided a good understanding of each others approaches, the synergies and common strands. Established a platform for networking, that operates on a formal and informal basis. Generated an enthusiasm and openness to share information. Created a high level of awareness and interest across the industry including our supply chains.

7 The benefits of BCWE programmes within the construction industry Increasing use of maturity matrices and structured sets of leadership questions being used to develop business improvement plans that include behavioural change and worker engagement considerations. A range of data that shows significant improvements in: The increase of reporting learning events (near misses) Positive interventions Reduction in accident/incident rates Variability in performance Reduction in severity of incidents and days lost. Effective worker engagement programmes that involve active discussions on safety matters, using anecdotal information to communicate learning. Use of measurement tools including, safe observation cards, leadership tours, project based balanced score cards and root cause analysis with the focus on potential of incidents as opposed to outcome.

8 HSL Involvement What has been completed so far? 3 workshops held in February, May and September this year, each organisation gave a presentation on their approach to: Respective Behavioural Change Programmes Compare and contrast the approach with HSL diagram for the Essential Components of Behavioural Change. How the impact of Behavioural Change Programmes are measured. Forum now being used as the platform and research pool for the HSL to provide an evidence based approach to behavioural change programmes and develop a framework for industry. Forum members will have various levels of input during the research, with HSL due to commence with a series of interviews with each organisation during the autumn.

9 Action Moving forward Our progress to date has been building the forum, gathering intelligence and gaining a common understanding of each others approaches. We are now in the process of deciding how we move forward with a clear direction and align to the work being progressed by HSL. Timeline being developed to identify milestones for the next 18 months. Identify what, if any, financial support may be required and how this could work. Consider how we are going to communicate and cascade our purpose and objectives to the wider industry, including house building sector. To progress the idea of delivering a series of regional roadshows to promote the work being done by the BCWE forum, with the objectives of: Ensuring the message gets to the 4 corners of the UK that may not have regular contact with major construction companies. Taking the message into the contractors back yard and consider the feedback by face to face discussions. Deliver the message in a simple and effective way and provide a network into local groups. Achieve one of the BCWE key objectives - ENGAGEMENT

10 Opportunity There is a real feeling from the discussions held at the BCWE workshops that, a behavioural approach, if done correctly, can support the processes and achieve a real improvement to the safety performance of an organisation and the people working for it. Comments have included:- Its an approach where we can capture the hearts and minds of everyone and work to a common goal of not causing harm. BCWE can provide some real leadership and direction in developing an industry framework that will benefit all, especially those who feel they have not got the resources to adopt a behavioural approach. The real plus of a behavioural approach is that it is not based on rules and paperwork but on respect and expectations. Behavioural safety is not a dark science that is only known and owned by a few, it is based on the principles of effective communication and feeling comfortable in challenging the way we do things.

11 Opportunity In summary A behavioural approach does need full commitment and proper planning to work effectively The approach is not a replacement for robust business processes Benefits are of a more open culture, sharing knowledge and best practice, ultimately providing a safe environment for all, both at work and at home. The BCWE forum is committed to supporting, in any way it can, the continuous improvement of safety within the industry.

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