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Www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Richard Burbidge Ltd HSE Do Your Bit.

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1 www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Richard Burbidge Ltd HSE Do Your Bit

2 www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Contents Where We Were Senior Management Change Do Your Bit Where are we going?

3 www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Where We Were Very disjointed approach to H&S Complacency Spent more time defending stats than actioning Distrust of H&S Practices Inadequate Reporting and Investigation High level of accidents High number of days off due to accidents Prosecution

4 www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Senior Management Change Paul joined company in July 10 H&S not a nice to have H&S representatives need to be empowered Procedures needed accountabilities driven in to them Needed to pull together resources of H&S Reps, Shop floor staff and Management Team Needed to make H&S part of our day to day activities

5 www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Do Your Bit Enabled all levels of company to communicate openly and freely Focus Groups Near Miss Reporting –Raising Awareness –Ownership From Shop-floor Workplace Audits –Fit for Purpose

6 www.richardburbidge.comMarch 11 Where Are We Going? Complete review of management system/framework Working together Re-assessed training requirements for all levels of business Monthly meetings/reviews of H&S in all areas –H&S Representatives –Business Unit Leaders –Area Leaders Prioritising Areas For Improvement – Together!

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