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Health and Safety Executive Health and Safety Executive Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 Training Package Session 1- Overview Version:

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1 Health and Safety Executive Health and Safety Executive Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 Training Package Session 1- Overview Version: September 07

2 Learning outcomes The key learning outcomes are to understand: –The background to the new regulations –The objectives of CDM 2007 –What changes HSE will be encouraging the industry to undertake –The changes in attitude that are needed by all to effect that change –Sources of additional information CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 2

3 The training package This CDM 2007 training package consists of a number of interlinked training sessions: Session 1 – Overview Session 2 – Clients Session 3 – CDM co-ordinators Session 4 – Designers Session 5 – Principal contractors & contractors Session 6 - Site health & safety Session 7 – Competence & training Session 8 – Worker engagement & communication Session 9 – Summary & way forward CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 3

4 Overview of the construction industry Output - 8% of UK GDP 1.75M site workers and 450K professionals and consultants (8% of working population) 190,000 companies (95% employ < 10) Over 200+ key stakeholders No entry threshold/transitory workplaces £17bn unofficial economy Disproportionate level of fatals, major injuries and incidents of ill-health CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 4

5 Key health and safety statistics 32% of all worker fatalities (77 killed in 2006/07) 15% of all major employee injuries (3677 in 2005/06) 7492 over 3-day injuries to employees (2005/06) 86,000 suffering from work-related ill health (2005/06) 3.2M working days lost per year due to injury and ill health (2005/06) CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 5

6 Fatal and injury trends (Percentage incidence rate changes against targets) CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 6

7 Background – CDM 94 Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 1994 implemented key aspects of a construction European Directive Identified the need to reduce risk by better co-ordination, management and co-operation For the first time the duties on clients and designers were made more explicit CDM 94 led to a major change in how the industry managed health and safety CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 7

8 CDM 94 - Why Change? Concerns from industry and HSE that CDM 94 was not delivering the improvements in health and safety that were expected of it Slow acceptance, particularly amongst clients and designers Effective planning, management, communications and co-ordination less than expected Competence of organisations and individuals slow to improve Defensive verification approach adopted by many – led to complexity and bureaucracy CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 8

9 History of CDM 2007 Extensive consultation and partnership working between industry and HSE September 2002 - Discussion Document Revitalising Health and Safety in Construction March 2005 - HSC publish Consultation Document with draft Regulations – which combine CDM 94 and Construction (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1996 December 2005 - HSC agreed Regulations should be supported by an Approved Code of Practice and industry produced guidance CDM 2007 came into force April 2007 CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 9

10 The objectives of CDM 2007 Simplify the regulations and improve clarity Maximise their flexibility Focus on planning and management, not The Plan and other paperwork Strengthen requirements on co-operation and co-ordination- encourage better integration Simplify competence assessment, reduce bureaucracy and raise standards CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 10

11 Structure of CDM 2007 Five parts –Part 1: Introduction –Part 2: General management duties applying to all construction projects –Part 3: Additional duties where projects are notifiable –Part 4: Worksite health and safety requirements –Part 5: General Supported by a CDM 2007 Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 11

12 CDM 2007 – key points Regulations apply to all construction work Notification triggers appointment of additional duty holders and duties in Part 3 of the Regulations –Principal contractor (PC) –CDM co-ordinator (role of planning supervisor under CDM 94 has been removed) –Notification to HSE (F10 Form) –Construction phase plan (requirement for pre-construction plan under CDM 94 removed) –Health and safety file Most duties remain on clients, designers & contractors regardless of notification Greater clarity in relation to competence assessment and new competence criteria in the ACoP CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 12

13 Trigger for Appointments Notifiable construction work under CDM 2007 are construction projects with a: –Non-domestic client and involve –Construction work lasting longer than 30 days or –Construction work involving 500 person days Note – Trigger under CDM 94 had been more complex CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 13

14 HSEs expectations on the construction industry A change in attitude is needed to deliver the much needed improvements in construction health and safety A business as usual approach is not acceptable Industry needs to take ownership of the management of health and safety risks, show leadership and work in partnership Focus on effective planning and managing risk Ensure people are competent Reduce bureaucracy & paperwork CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 14

15 CDM 2007 – Key messages Industry and HSE have worked in partnership to revise and simply the CDM Regulations and combine them with the CHSW Regulations The new regulations apply if you are involved in construction and will help you to improve health and safety in the industry The aims of the new regulations are to have the right people for the right job at the right time to manage risks on site, reduce paperwork and encourage teamwork Focus on effective planning and managing risk CDM 2007 Overview – Slide 15

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