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MRS. CANTU ROOM 1732 Welcome to World Geography!.

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1 MRS. CANTU ROOM 1732 Welcome to World Geography!

2 What is “Geography”? Geography is the study of the distribution and interaction of physical and human features on the earth.

3 Topics to be Discussed Fall Semester:  Thinking Like a Geographer  The Physical World  The Human World  The United States and Canada  Latin America  Europe  Russia Spring Semester:  N. Africa, SW Asia, and Central Asia  Sub-Saharan Africa  South Asia  East Asia  Southeast Asia  Oceania

4 Grading For Level Classes: 51% = Summative Grades (tests and projects) 34% = Formative Grades (class assignments, quizzes, homework, participation, etc.) 15%=District Common Assessment  There are typically 15-20 daily grades, and five major grades a semester.

5 Textbooks Students will be issued textbooks for World Geography. There will be textbooks in the classroom available for your use. You do not need to bring your textbook to class, unless instructed by the teacher. Please leave your textbook at home.

6 Make-Up Work If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for any work you have missed. It is your responsibility to schedule a time with your instructor to make up any tests that you miss.

7 Tutorials Tutoring is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:15, or by appointment. Tutoring is also available during PLC, by appointment. If you plan to attend tutorials, you will need to let me know in advance.

8 Notebooks and Supplies You must have the following supplies every day:  Spiral Notebook  Pen or pencil  Other project supplies as needed

9 Tardies Any student will be counted tardy by the instructor if they are not inside the classroom when the tardy bell finishes ringing.

10 Headphones/Electronics/Cell Phones Headphones are not allowed at any time. Cell phones are to be off, not on silent. Laptops are only to be used with permission.

11 Food/Drinks in the Classroom Only water in clear water bottles are allowed in the classroom.

12 Dress Code All dress code guidelines in the MISD Student Handbook will be enforced.

13 Academic Dishonesty There is ZERO tolerance for academic dishonesty. This includes cheating, copying, plagiarizing, fabrications, or falsification.

14 Classroom Procedures  Come to class on time with homework completed, and supplies  Respect your classmates and instructor  Wait in your seat until the dismissal bell rings  Clean up after yourselves…this is YOUR classroom too!

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