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Dr William A Freeland MCA Conference 24 November 2009.

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1 Dr William A Freeland MCA Conference 24 November 2009

2 Ship Seized: Actions Contact HR Explain role of Occupational Health Set up lines of communication Determine support for management team Availability during incident Commence post incident planning

3 Company Responsibilities Responsibilities Crew Family of crew Cargo Environmental considerations Political considerations Public Relations

4 Masters Responsibilities Crew Cargo Company Seafaring Community

5 Pirates Boarding Numbers Location Intent Age profile Weapons Drug use

6 Expect Violence or threats of violence Invasion of personal space and theft of property Threats if relief pirates board vessel Language barrier Pirates poor personal hygiene Demands on certain crew e.g. Cook, Racial and or religious discrimination Pirates fear of armed intervention

7 Coping Strategies Avoid confrontation Keep some degree of control Safe havens Strategies to protect the team Negotiation to contact home Communication with shore Rescue or end of incident

8 The Rescue Company / Political decision regarding options Ransom Boarding Other Timeframe Security Personal and family Medical planning with HR/management

9 The Return Replace crew? Steam to designated port Berthing at Port Management Debriefing Replace personal items phones Early contact with loved ones Health Assessment Re-integration

10 Follow Up Physical injuries PTSD Rest and recuperation Financial matters Final clearance to return to sea Awareness of future presentation

11 Pre-Incident planning Crew briefing Points of Access to vessel / platform Security in High Risk areas Response Passive Active Team response and awareness


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